Discussion for refining uniques

offtopic: do you know how to adopt screenshots on an ipad to a smaller size or resize? they way i do it now when i want to post a screenshot from the game is the following: take a screen, send it to my pc, open and use „snipping tool“ to post it… (sadly takes some time and a change of place also for me)

i try to find combinations that fit together and are easier to find and to reuse. ofc that means i cannot combine rare or cursed perks only. :man_shrugging: at least not on every item. idk if it is a good strategy but it is one at least. :sweat_smile:

You can crop it, through the photo app on iphone/ipad. Its really easy, try to find it in options. It used to allow me to post pictures here, which had to be small in size. Now the restriction is 5mp which doesnt matter if you crop it or not, so I cant post anything. Even my other phone has a better camera, its impossible.

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One question for you beasts @dumpster @Archimides @Philstar

Let’s say I have a atk spd LOH ring and a frostbite weapon which I’ll dismantle to add to the ring.
My goal is to have a 3 perk silver as good as possible.
I max forged the fb weapon, should I max forge the ring too, before adding the frostbite? Or does it only matter max forging after I refine to silver?

The best way (depending on your level and how fast you want to level up) is to use 5* titan items for every piece of gear that will go into the ring, so even for the perks you will add, definitely use max items to build it up. The item below I added CD, which I found in green at max lvl. I could make higher stat ones now, but was needing something to do the job. But this ring used 4x 5* titan items for the base ring, then 4* titan items for the added perk (cd), then 4x 5* titan items to bring it to 5* silver. So by making gold you’ll need another 8x 5* titan items. This is why levelling up ever again may never be an option unless we can ‘lock in’ the stats of 5* gold items.


as a remark: for uniques - and that was the discussion about when it started - this max. forge is not needed.
for uniques you can either raise the desired perks with old outdatet perks in the cheapest way possible and you will get the same results. even for the added perks. as far as i understood it.

holy moly - your athena items equipped is awesome >_<

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For those guys considering the unique refines at lower lvls, I’d really consider not doing it - as I said in another thread that uniques even gold refined (adding 2 perks) the values are far lower than what you could get with a sloppy gold forge on a normal item- that said I was economising with Athenas uniques as @NaN rightly points out you shouldn’t use good items or anything more than a 1* item when making a gold item for unique refining. But as Athena is the best hero I knew she would do the job with relatively ‘cheap’ in terms of gear refines to both uniques, coupled with 2 good rings. Most stuff is still only 1* silver and will add one more refine.
Incidentally I did remark that unique item stats/pre and post refine are pathetically low compared to normal items…I’ve double refined 6-7 item now at max lvl which sux IF like they say they will improve them. So might want to hold the forging on those until clarification or you’ll have a weaker hero like mine. But hope they do something as all will benefit.

I had the impression that the base stats of the silver ring would always be a flat % of the stats on the bronze ring as both refines I did had exactly 85% of the stats(resistances, atk spd,cd) as a green item
I asked this question because I just max forged a fb weapon to bronze 5 and added to the ring, but I didn’t max forge the ring as I thought it wouldn’t matter, but the loh and atk spd as a green 1* seemed oddly low. Maybe I should’ve used more 4* to forge it.
Won’t be using for too long tho as I’m speed levelling to 122 for a long halt

I didn’t calculate exactly when I was doing the refines, but I think you are correct that it takes a % off when reducing back to green. I genuinely felt that several refines that I’ve done in the past mixed the values between the perks on a ring, as some came out way higher than others that started of similar values, maybe was my imagination, but one ring I got pretty much max fire res on a gold refined ring as a 4th perk (rings have 4 perks) where as the lighting res was about 10%-15% down, and I thought when I was adding the lighting to the fire res ring that both res should normalise to approx the same values during the refine process but the fire seemed to get a bigger boost (or lose less as in this case).
Again I could trawl through thousands of screen shots and run the math, but would take ages to find the relevant pics. Was a distinct feeling on a few items I did, that the math during refine isn’t exact, but possibly I’ll get proven wrong.

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Ok I was bored and wanted to confirm I wasn’t imagining things, as you can see the images of the FB/fire ring and the lightning res added to it. Basically during this normalisation in this example, the fire was reduced to 1* green silver to 15.3% of the original 5* titan value, FB was reduced to 14.2% of the original value and lightning was reduced to 13.2% of the original value. Maybe the 15/14/13 % s are based on their positions on the ring, but I thing there is some degree of randomness involved.
Over the subsequent forging back up and through the gold process this small % created a reasonable diff at max 5* gold (but that image is not for show here :slight_smile: )

and last image of complete 5* titan silver ring

All items used in this were max items 5* titan etc. The interesting thing is at gold lvl the fire res goes even higher than it is at silver and with an added perk… :wink: Go gold or go home!

Sure the thread is titled refining uniques, so maybe I’m in the wrong place with this explanation of standard item refines.

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The thread was kinda dead, so I just asked here, don’t think it matters anyway. That’s weird as hell if you say the fire res is higher on the gold version of it :thinking:
I’ll see what happens with this ring I’m making, everything is screenshotted atm. Hopefully it turns out good ahahhaha
Thanks phil

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its up to everyone choice what to do. but if you decide to refine an item e.g. in mid levels maybe it should be considered if you want to use it later for an unique before choosing perks. but thats just one posibility. i also prepared on my way upwards nearly my slots full. i just decided to start at lvl 148 now bc in lvl150 imho (from own observations and calculations) it should be possible (by plain max force but good value choice on green, just bronce cycle) to make approx 270k items and on lvl148 about 250k (± a few k) for perks like e.g. resistances, AS or cd - so it should be possible to deal with most good GK after propper perk choice/combo and dedicated forgeing/refining. and you have better VP (not as good as on lower levels ofc but therefore you need much more refineings that i simply cannot afford), but you are not that low to become unattractive for higher players. if i could farm more maybe i would have started earlier, but i guess not. (and since those last 2 lvls would take even looonger to achive for me, i decided to do now on lvl148). ofc for gear alone lvl150 would be the best thing to do.

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thx for sharing your layout - i really appreciate this.

a cheaper version (and ofc not so effictive as ours) is the one i use right now, but i do have playns that i am working out already and doing so will save me min 1 Loh perk to be used for somesing else. :slight_smile:
damn - i know i should not do that bc now i get raid a lot again until i finished the build i plan >_<

you see - not a single refine (but layout also depends on choosen masteries ofc) and nevertheless it makes some kind of troubles to 1 or 2 players.


when you refine a normal item from bronce to silver, the values of the perks are normalized by 1/2 (as you had 1 perk before and you got another in addition). if you refine a ring from bronce to silver the normalization is only 2/3, bc you had 2 perks before and after refine you have 3. normal items on the other had have a base stat that simply grows and gets better (but i did not calculate it). rings are more complicated to transfer perks to normal items - at some stage it is not possible to do a guaranteed perks transfer. so be careful what you plan. unless you have tons of ressources to do it again or whatever you like.

I just want to have a very good ring to help me on Odysseys until I halt level. Frostbite attack speed and loh is perfect for that as I’ll me very good at surviving and getting barricades and specially gate down with my shitty heroes

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Rule of thumb, whatever you plan to keep for a long time, max forge.

Rule of refining, what ever you want to keep, you have to make sure it on the destination item (right side of refining) or gets transferred from the dismantle. Right now, its so easy to get this right, just do some tests. If there is a question mark, you are doing something wrong. If the perk you want appears on the destination, you are good if thats what you want.

I know all that. My only doubt is if max forging the base bronze ring will make the green 1* silver have more of the base stats the ring had.

a ring does not have a base stat. (if i got you right what you want to do :laughing:)
edit: i deleted the „so no“

The higher the values on the ring pre refine the higher the values will be post refine and thus attain higher end values.

If you are still in doubt:

If the ring is your destination, base, and you want to transfer a perk to it, then you need to max the ring too…

But here is an example I used recently. I tried to transfer CD on a bracelet. I really just wanted the extra CD. Its a rare case for me, but I didnt care about the destination prior to the refine. I didnt max it… I just got it to 5* titan.

But normally if you are refining (and not on lower levels), you want to max forge what ever you are keeping.