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[mirroring official announcement]

Hi there Olympians!

I have some news from Mount Olympus!

Please find the first pictures of the new levels for everything!! (coming with the new live server update) here.

#hypetraintomountolympus ??️


If you want to discuss this, please do so below :slight_smile:


Maybe you should give more points for improving the Hall of the Union of uranium? I think because of this, some are reluctant to improve.

That’s great!

so we can think that u really dont want us to quit OR anyways thanks for some new stufff :heart::heart:

I guess i have concerns @Madlen  i see an apollo tower there. And it seems additional 3 lvl’s planning to towers. For 3 lvl apollo tower damage goes 50k to110k. Don’t the devs think that this value will made the path of the highest lvls incredibly hard for the others… 3 apollo at the corner will stop everything… I did not see the other towers if they double also it will be harder. I guess the devs are aware of this and planned to give players better heroes and items… And new lvls for heroes because heroes will need also better base stats. 



#I dont want to mean new lvs are unnecessary. That is awesome

#just want to see attack/defence well balanced. otherwise you will have to nerf towers in future

the important thing is that the new Apollo towers are not a threat to the old elite with the buggy items

They said everything got extra levels. Heroes and items are a subset of everything, so logically they had been modified accordingly. Although, I hasten to add that weve seen examples of FG using inductive rather than deductive logic becore, conseqently failing rather infamously… So you do have some weight with those concerns of yours. 

Enjoy the race if you can.

First of all these levels are a big sick joke.

(Make stronger and unbeatable a titan while make the rest of your 50k base players super weak or should I say a mortal lol)

Even those so called max value of spells Don’t make a dent on any of the gatekeepers from titan league teams.

With new wars system(which is by far the worst update Olympus Rising team brought letting everyone have access to same rewards regardless of a team performance in a war and letting all war blessings active at smae time)

Now those values on Paris tower is insane just three levels and damage output is doubled but when talk about okeanos spell when ch even after four level increase only adds another 2k damage???(you guys have proven yet again with this update that you only favor elite players from top four team)

Ok i read heroes will get additional lvls from other thread… Old players, Am i wrong? Or not? 

Our devs always make harsh addings to game at beginning and then smooth them. It seems will be like this again…what you think? 

Alliance hall donation increased…

Ok. Path can be some harder. But this update will make path so harsh. Sorry some of us seeing it quick, soon there will be many complains and towers will be nerfed. Lets wait and libe together… 

And 2k for oceneus??? Comic… 

Please wait till after the war season. 

Last time you updated there were a ton of bugs and many players left because of it. 

New stuff is great but these are more levels on stuff already there - I’m not impressed 

This is usually how it works. It’s clear they’ve been testing this stuff for a while, since it’s taken so long, but I would still expect that the new changes will be tweaked over the first few months to get to a place where people stop whining. Well, most people at least.

111к damage + % from Odyssey, elite he is not small. We are now just the guys and the statue won’t come .

Unshielded heroes, troops will have no chance… 

Also high pheme holders will rule… 

These stats so harsh for 3 lvls… Hope will not be like that when introduced… 

Hope spells will be boosted when introduced… 

Otherwise game will allow us to play like lvl 10 odysea every time to a high j lvl holder… Run fast to the gate and destroy it… Game will be boring also… 

Think of how long it will take, though! The upgrade time for the temple will be almost a month, each tower will take at least 6 days to start, maybe more. And that’s for the low levels. Getting 3 new max level apollo towers will take months, and you’d have to dedicate your time to just upgrading them. At a phenomenal resource cost.

These levels won’t change the game overnight. It’s going to take a long, long time. So you will gradually see a difficulty change, and you will be able to upgrade your heroes to adapt.

Don’t freak out yet. 

this means that no one will have the chance to undermine the titan league podium, so the friends’ alliances will have all the blessings of life and new unique items guaranteed every season of war

For the entire 127 level of me backward things with meanings 110-125 levels, with such things I not will be able compete with you.

My OR experience… 

Pheme introduced… NERFED 

Odysea missions introduced… NERFED

Old forging introduced… NERFED 




dumpster they better not read what u just mentioned above, and it will be the biggest mistake if those upgrades will take that LONG, not only that we have lots of stuff to FORGE, but now we will have to worry for the LONG time that they might take.

Please @Madlen do suggest to the devs that it has been a hell of time for all of us (non-131) to move up in levels, forge items, and in the meantime compete. Most ppl will definitely quit, it`s BORING  to wait for smth that it takes longer than 4-5 days per level (unless u allow us to upgrade more than 1 spell/monster at a time).