[Discussion thread for] Post 01.10.18 - new forum structure

[mirroring official announcement]

Hello Olympians,

Over the course of the next days and weeks, I will implement a new forum structure.

Since I will implement the changes on live (in order to avoid downtime of the forum), I am sorry for moving threads around and any inconveniences you may encounter.

This will be the new structure. I hope you will like it. It will be easier for the devs and me to gather feedback on the game and it will be easier for users to navigate and search for specific topics. If I still see improvement possibilities over time, I will do so.

Frequently Asked Support Questions

Contact Customer Support

Official News and Information

  • Code of conduct/Forum rules
  • Official Announcements
  • Q&A Developer sessions ( I plan to host monthly Question & Answer sessions with the devs. I will elaborate more on this later).

Tutorials, Game Guides and Players helping Players

  • Game Guides
  • Players helping Players (former Help & Questions)
  • Creator’s Corner (for all of our video content creators)

General Discussion

  • Latest Updates
  • Forging
  • Wars
  • Heroes
  • Trophy System
  • Attack & Defense
  • Other

Ideas & feature requests

  • (Info: Read before submitting ideas & feature requests)

Alliances, Recruitment & Titan Codes

  • Looking for Alliance
  • Looking for Alliance Members
  • Titan Codes

Forum Events

Bugs & Technical Problems

  • (Info: How to submit a bug properly)
  • Cheat detection ( I will elaborate more on this later).

If you want to discuss this, feel free to do so below.

Thank you.

You forgot the flame war fist fight quarantine zone!

Hahahaha :wink:

Nice to have a such an active CM.

If you can reach Chris’s account having those huge gems and forged items, we glad to see you in our team ???

Just kidding be noone’s side just be with OR community ???

Just looked after a week, sorry, it’s just busier and not as nice to use.

More crucially, nothing happens, you’re doing a great job of interacting but the actual meat of the forum, complaints, bugs, issues etc aren’t being addressed.

I’ve not got a video chest for 2 weeks now, but I know from previous attempts with issues I will get a limited or non existent response, so I really can’t be bothered to try to get it fixed.

Some silly things that support could deal with quickly and easily to keep players happy rarely happen (EG, I asked to change my in game name, flat refused, yet I know it’s a 5 minute job at the most. + Lost items, scores, chests, major disconnection issues…) 

So I’m afraid re-structuring the forum is akin to rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic…

I’m hopeful that its just the first step to getting better communication. If you look at what’s been going on over at the RR2 forums, we’re about a month behind them. I think Madlen has gotten more comfortable getting the answers to questions over there and there’s some real discussion going on. 

OR is the red headed stepchild of RR2, but maybe we’re going to start getting some more feedback soon. 

I think @Pete likes OR and wants this community to thrive, it’s just not as loud and demanding as RR2 and doesn’t get the resources. Yet. I hope we get ours soon. 


Here’s another example: I look at this quote from Madlen from the other day

I take her on her word that that type of behavior won’t happen any more, because in the past it’s absolutely true that nerfs were made that were deliberately kept out of change logs. That stuff really erodes player trust in the dev team, so I hope that she’s going to follow through on it.

Good morning folks,

to implement the forum changes takes me some time because I am dancing at two game weddings  ?  and also have to do some things outside of the forums that you do not see. This shall not be an excuse, rather an explanation. Sorry that you have the feeling it is taking too long. I am trying my best to be here for everybody and to answer as fast as I can.

Also, you can be sure I address your complaints with the devs and ask for feedback on it. Once I have feedback, I make sure to answer asap. I am also hoping that my idea of Question & answer sessions with the devs improves the communication even further.

These are unfortunate things and I am sorry that you are experiencing them. The bug section is read by our game testers. Once you open a thread about a bug there, they will see it. For lost chests due to a technical error, it is always best to contact the support (link in the forum section). But contrary to changing the forum structure, I can only forward these issues and ask for change, ask for updates and news, point out urgent bugs, forward suggestions and ask for implementation, whilst the forum structure I myself can change directly.

Hope you understand.

Thank you!


Thank you.

I just came here since long time and… this forum is now a labyrinth! 

Once you kind of catch up with everything it’s ok. I can see how it would be a shock at first. There’s a link at the top that’s says “mark forum as read”. You might want to just click that. It makes finding new posts easier. Or you could read through and catch up.

Thanks … I will use this as insomnia material.