[Discussion thread for] Post 02.10.18 - Battle related bug with version 4.2

[mirroring official announcement]

Dear players,

We want to thank everyone, who made us aware of a technical issue and for sharing their gameplay experience with version 4.2.

We have investigated and we found a battle-related bug. Let me elaborate on the bug further.

Bug description and cause: Battle Cry Effects like the Raging Werewolf’s howl, the Howl Pal’s spell or the Battle Cry scroll apply a defense boost to your units. A change we made to improve the Intimidate effect in general (increased damage taken debuff on enemies), has caused an unwanted side effect now: 

The Hero Scream overwrites the defense boost of the Battle Cry if the hero scream is used on troops that are already affected by a Battle Cry effect. Please note that any boosts to unit attack speed and movement speed that Battle Cry effects offer are unaffected by this issue and will still work correctly. Also, using a Battle Cry effect after the Hero Scream correctly boosts the units’ defense. And, the Hero Scream itself is not changed, it only removes the defense boost from battlecry effects.

We acknowledge that this unintended bug potentially increases the difficulty of battles. For the time being, one small tip would be to avoid casting the Hero Scream right after you and your troops are affected by a Battle Cry. This way you are not immediately overwriting the damage reduction that the Battle Cry provides.


In order to fix this bug, we need to publish a new client to the stores. This brings us in a difficult position right now,  because the Conquest starts tomorrow and we have to force users to the new version today so that everybody has the same set-up for the Conquest. Now, theoretically, we could have the fix ready by Thursday. But the problem is that time-wise we cannot guarantee everybody would get the new client at the same time because the timeframe from when we have pushed the release button to when it is available in stores depends on the store provider. This would lead to an unfair battle situation during the running Conquest and for battles in general. Some players would get the fix sooner than others, and it would give them an advantage. We had to make a difficult decision and decided to provide and plan the fix for when the Conquest is over. I will keep you in the loop about this in the official announcement section in the forum.

Compensation: We will pay out a gem compensation today depending on the hero level.


We want to apologize for the inconvenience and we will keep you in the loop about upcoming Live Server Updates and Client changes.

Thank you and have a good day.


If you want to discuss this news with us, please do so below.

Even though you won’t publish the fix right away, I’m glad you guys discovered the issue.

We’ll just have to live with it for the time being, because you’re right, some would benefit from the fix, while others wouldn’t.

Just another question: This bug isn’t related whatsoever with the aura rings bug, or is it?

I may have missed this, but, I’m wondering if this fix is coming out in a manual update. I know you said that you’ll let us know about Live Server Updates, but shortly above you put that you are publishing a “new client to the stores” and that you have to “force users to the new version” before the conquest. Just wondering, thanks 

Madlen explained it short after:


Everyone will have to wait for at least 9 days :slight_smile:

My question isn’t when the update is coming out, it’s HOW it’s coming out. I’m asking whether it will be Server update or a manual update from the store, cause Madlen referred to both in her post

This doesn’t explain the aura situation at all that the developers have acknowledged. Care to explain further?

It will be a new client for the fix, and a Live Server Update to force to new version (4.2).

and the aura ring? 

Fix the aura and throw the conquest in the trash. Fix your game, before starting a conquest. Postpone that c.r.ap

You’re just causing more and more problems, before fixing one

@Madlen It means we have to wait and play this game 9 more days with this bug and we have to raid in conquest war by throwing gems because we need to scroll more and more. You guys will make more and more money and we will get peanuts as compensation, just 500 gems. What a money making strategy and we fools will follow you. Bravo flaregames, hats off to you.

With the new 12 hour war at end, I foresee more frustration and players quitting. Its awful.

I do not want players to quit…

I like the game…

We had to wait a month for ninjas? I am SURE we could wait for you to fix the bugs and reduce the conquest time?

I feel like conquest is being shoved down my throat. It is not completed, you are basically making us test it, and you are so gung ho about more and more of it , while more important issues remain unfixed with more and more problems arriving.

It is causing players to quit. That saddens me, as we lost many very long time good players since this mess started. :frowning::frowning::frowning:

I just also have to mention the release of changes on Fridays so that players can be frustrated all weekend while no one is available…:frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:



@Madlen It means we have to wait and play this game 9 more days with this bug and we have to raid in conquest war by throwing gems because we need to scroll more and more. You guys will make more and more money and we will get peanuts as compensation, just 500 gems. What a money making strategy and we fools will follow you. Bravo flaregames, hats off to you.

Don’t forget its a Bank Holiday in Germany tomorrow so when the Conquest starts, No one will be around to fix it when it breaks.

I swear it’s like they are driven…

“Must do more conquest NOW!!”

Probably because it wasn’t tested, and we are paying the price to test it. 


Of course, that will work perfectly!!! I never understood in 4 years why there is not a weekend person? 

Everything starts on friday evening, so we are used to have problems not fixed in time lol…

How can you let us play something like the conquest when one of the most important things in the game is broken, the offense. Which person with common sense would do that. I don’t wanna play it, when attack has been nerfed that much, plus heal aura has been nerfed as well. If they are greedy, they won’t postpone it. So we’ll see if they are greedy or not. If they care about the players

Don’t know why they wanna shove this conquest mode down our throats so badly


you  wanted the compensation? They did it

you wanted the explanation? They did it


whats up with you? You are wanting more and more and more. Its seems funny, but its explain why Flare will stop to do it and will return to the silence mode.


@Madlen for me its ok, but im 130 level player and i want 1 000 000 gems??

tnx Madlen, btw

They didn’t explain the situation on aura at all even after the developers have admitted that there’s something wrong with the aura.

I don’t want a compensation. I want that they fix the game. They should make it playable. Playing an important event with those problems, is not right

Also the heal aura problem hasn’t been addressed

Both things combined make the game not playable

If there would be no event, OK, I can wait. But not when you’re forced to play and raid

Like mentioned, they should postpone the conquest and start it once everything is fixed