[Discussion thread for] Post 02.10.18 - Force update to version 4.2

[mirroring official announcement]

Hello guys,

We have just performed the earlier announced Force Update.

With this update, everybody is forced to use the version 4.2 now.

These are the changes:

  • Activating the Eris Buff (as earlier announced in the “discuss upcoming balancing changes with us thread”):
    • Eris Pal Buff: Removed the lightning from the spell. Added swordrain aoe instead. Matched stun aoe and slightly decreased stun duration.
    • Eris attack Beast buff: removed lightning attack from spell and replaced it with swordrain aoe. Matched ranges.
  • Pro-Shop updated to offer Horkos Gloves and Aion Weapons
  • Activated: Janus Pal, Offense & Defense Beast Petrify Duration buffed (as earlier announced in the “discuss upcoming balancing changes with us thread”
  • Paid out the earlier announced Compensation for battle -related troop boost bug
  • Activated: Sergeant Rank Feature Flag

Kind regards,


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If you want to discuss this news, please do so below.

Thank you.

The new items are awesome… Little costly but seems worth their price. Thanks for the new items. 

What is the probability of finding the new items in the pro chest?

If there is any, since they cost more than pro pals. 

WHY you did not inform us about this change to pro-shop???  :slightly_frowning_face:

I opened all my pro chests literally only a few minutes before the new items were added!

Btw, is it possible to find those items on pro chests? considering how high are their prices. [edit] The answer is yes

@Madlenplease inform more about the sergeant status 



1. does the stun work on towers/traps too? [edit] and what’s the duration of the stun?

  1. is that the lightning arcs or only for 1 enemy? and if it’s just shock effect and no damage, does this affect units with immunity to lightning damage?

  2. do any of the effects on the new items work on beasts? (don’t think so, but would like a confirmation)

Also, what damage does the virus do? Is it just toxic, or is this a new damage?  Does it affect all enemies, or some more than others?

2- one enemy, some times 2,no damage, really ***** 

  1. This deslocates enemies… but where do they go?

Do they just vanish forever or are they moved back to the gate?


E já agora, qual é o teu nome no jogo?

Translocated enemies are moved back to the gate. 
I was just testing it with Janus beast, using Pal Flute next to the gate area makes the translocated enemies reappear right in front of us ?

my forum name = my ingame name 

+1 to @Darkerion for asking what’s in everyone’s minds right now.

Madlen, could you please ask Flothaboss to create a video showcasing the gameplay of each of the new items please?

If he still works at Flare ofc ?

So potentially, this does not always help, but can create bigger waves afterwards?

Forced update… NOOO ?
That heal ring still bugged?
Only 20s% translocation, sudden nerfed during war, that stat won’t contribute anything but translocating fart ?

Basically, it only helps during the very first waves.

And when you avoid fighting those enemies on that moment it only creates bigger issues later on the raid, accumulating enemies on next waves ???

[edit] But also makes it possible for us to kill more enemies with the same spell/dragon dash cause there will be more waves together ?

Part 2 ?:


  1. if that confusion effect happens when we hit enemies, does that mean they can’t just stay confused like Aki does, cause we’re not hitting them while they’re allies? will they always return to be enemies when the duration of confusion is over?
  2. is that a multiple target petrify? because petrifying only one enemy will just make the rest of the wave shoot that target and release it immediately
  3. what’s the priority on intimidate vs battle cry? can intimidate remove the battle cry effect? or battle cry remove the intimidate effect? 
  4. are the percentages on those items for every hero hit? if so, are the weapons affected by gloves with Scream Attack Rate for the hero? More melee attacks more chances for the effects to happen?

need to have crystal sale with jewelery

cool stuff added !

looking for alliance with eris beast…

We made some test, I think this new status only got his potentiel in Conquest mode. Sergeant can assign troops to players or tower, give orders to lower than him(means soldier only), and build watchtower. I think the part build watchtower is very important in Conquest. So be careful which one you gonna promote !

Outside Conquest mode, Sergeant statut is just like a normal soldier rank. Cannot upgrade guild, cannot activate boost, cannot see generals private chat, etc…

Player becoming sergeant got a bluesky color name.

Best regards !

I could have found the new items on my pro chests if I was informed about a change to pro-shop earlier. Great 

The screenshot is not mine, unfortunately.

The contents of a chest are determined when you get the chest, not when you open it.  That chest looks like a bought chest (7500 crystals) as it doesn’t have a timer and is below the uber chests which seems to have a long timer on them.