[Discussion thread for] Post 20.09.2018 - Live Server Update

[mirroring official announcement post]

Kings and Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update.

?We have increased the storage for the University, Troop Quarters and Stone Depot for the Conquest.

Enjoy the rays of sunshine in your kingdom!



thanks for the information.

Next time you increase the capacity of a building, can you also fill in the building if the previous capacity wall full too?

This time there is no problem cause we have time to fill it before next conquest.

Previous one, when you increased the building one day before the conquest, it was not so cool.

Anyway, thanks again


But is that your solution for the complaints on resources cost being so high that some alliances had to use all storage to do stuff, or could not do anything even with full storage?
I hope not.

It’s just a general improvement, right?

Is this: “Wisdom costs are too high -> we agree with this and will look into it” still being looked into after the server update?

No, this is just a general improvement. We will still look into the wisdom costs separately. 

Have no idea.at 10 level not big improvements.