[Discussion thread for] Post 25.09.2018 - Conquest duration

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Dear Community,

I will give you more information about what is new in the next conquest hopefully next week in a new video made by yours truly.

Today - I already wanted to communicate one important point, which is the conquest duration. The next upcoming conquest will still have a duration of 8 days in total (over the course of 9 calendar days). This has had a technical background, otherwise, we would have changed it directly for the next conquest.

But since it will be the last conquest that will last that long we will provide the biggest map so far in our short conquest history and hope that you will enjoy exploring the map. Hint:?️

The conquest after that will be reduced to 5 days in total (over 6 calendar days). We hope that you will welcome this change.

More details on upcoming features and details will follow.

Happy exploring. :crossed_swords:

_ _ _

If you want to discuss this news, feel free to do so below. :slight_smile:

If we’re gonna have a bigger map, I hope the energy needed to move is greatly reduced or we have a way higher max energy, otherwise that big map will be wasted a bit because energy will be an even greater limitation, I know we have a lot of days to play, but it’s not like we’re just going to explore, we need energy for fighting too. I’d like to discover this new bigger map, so please consider that :slight_smile:  

taking in account that the first 2 days, we will meet nobody…and if there is some desert (hint) then, it will be hell to defend on this field…

And I can see that we got more wisdom to be able to do more research and I bet that one of them will be the energy cost reduced by 30%…but it will cost a lot of wisdom


I hope the energy needed to attack opponents is greatly reduced.

it will still be linked to the troops engage by both the attacker and defender 


A much welcomed change!

Thank you Madlen! :slight_smile:

nice, this sure will end the suffer of team are already knew they will lost for sure faster, good work :slight_smile:  hope other problems get fixed soon too 

Bigger map means easier to obtain rewards since team will be further apart, so I think this is an overall plus. I’ll enjoy exploring the new map. Thanks for the update on this, Madlen!

Good point.


Changing the duration to only 5 days is a welcomed change. That means that we’ll only get 5 hellish days with no fun in the game, instead of 8. It’s a positive change.

I can’t wait to see the new gameplay changes that the devs have been working on for future Conquests. I’m really hoping they can inject some fun to this game mode.

When you chance the duration to only 5 days, please also change the following:

  • Remove the 24 hours limit for declaring war close to the end. Because of the supreme victory, this limitation is not needed. A supreme victory can finish the war before conquest season ends, without needing the full 24 hours. If war is not completed when conquest season ends, it doesn’t count.
  • Unveil the map at the end of the conquest season and make it accessible from the conquest button. Ideally, make something similar like the war season history function, including the replay feature. :slight_smile: (Currently, we use the last 24 hours to wander around and explore the other teams’ work. But when the conquest duration is more packed, we might not be able to explore und unveil the whole map any longer.)

I agree with you. 

hello everyone,

i can’t see the hint because it’s just a simple square instead… normal ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Me neither buttinette.

That square is probably an emoji posted from Madlens smartphone, but our PC doesn’t understand it (different emoji APIs).

So a dummy square appears

The Hidden Hint ! You must click on the page to discover it


Like this Madlen :

It looks like that to me:


Well that’s a shame guys, sorry about that :wink:

Yeah like this: image.png

I can see it just fine, but for those who can’t, here, this is the emoji posted by Madlen


Nope, otherwise you can declare a war a few minutes before the end, raid once for a few skulls and win all those wars. without a limitation, a team with most active players can start wars at a lot of different places and ruin work other teams have done so far, including beating watchtowers (that might have special tiles as claimed land). 

Without any limit, you will win those wars based on most skulls. So there has to be a limitation. We can’t force everyone to be online last minutes of the conquest to counteract that. And since we work with time zones, a day will be a fair limitation. 

A large map should mean more conquered tiles per alliance, and a smaller one will mean less, so the tier balancing and alliance rewards will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Large map will also need more watchtowers to gain tiles vs. rewards which are the same, so stone/gold cost per tower should be reduced accordingly.

It would also be nice if participation for war was increased to 50, and similarly for conquest, reduce the participation per alliance to 50, rather than having to go back to kicking people when they go on holidays or get sick.