[Discussion thread for] Post 27.09.2018 - Live Server Update

[Mirroring official announcement]

Kings & Queens,

We have just performed a Live Server Update ?.

  • For all upcoming Ninja Events, we removed 90% of the gate towers. 
  • Provided a fix for the Spells slots issue in Pro-League (If you still experience issues after the fix, let us know in the earlier announced thread).
  • Paying out compensation for the issue with the “boost castle” event ( Everybody who has started an alliance-building upgrade during the current “boost castle” event, will get a refund for the difference of the gold cost being displayed and the actual gold amount being deducted. )

If you want to discuss this news, please do so below :slight_smile:

Thanks, Madlen


Thank you Madlen!!! So glad to hear that basically all gate towers are being removed. Only one thing, if there are still 10% in the event, I’d like to know whether they are in later rounds. I hope so, cause they are almost harder at the first levels. The reason for this being that the gate is really low level so you may take down the gate before the towers

Anyway, it’s also great to hear that you guys are giving out compensations for the mistake in the event! Thank you, guys, this was much needed!!

I wonder if there will be the new conquests boosts in those levels…

To make game easy is not interesting. Same as make game too hard

its the first ninja after the update, lets see what will be

No dijeron que mejorarían el evento ninja? ?

Hemos perdido mas de 1 mes  que son algo de 5 eventos y la cantidad de perlas/cofres, con eso tan solo eliminarán el 90% de la torres en puerta?

Es en seriio?  

Pensaba al menos que triplicarian las recompensas individuales y de alianza o algo mejor, ahora a todo esto después de terminado el evento, volveremos a esperar más de 1 mes?

I like how you removed most of the gate towers…

I still have one question though, Madlen:

If that was the only change to the ninjas, why did the community have to bear 1 LONG month without the event?

As someone who works daily in computer development, let me ask you this:

You guys almost for sure have a TEST and/or QUALITY environment to test these new kind of “changes”…

Which shouldn’t have impacts on our gameplay in the end-user(PRODUCTION) environment…

So let me ask again:

Why did you postpone the ninjas event, if you could have developed these changes without any direct impact on our gameplay?


This question has been on my head since it was announced that the event would be postponed until now.

I only accepted the bad news at the time, because I thought there was some “huge”/critical change behind it…

But this… Something is off.

Thanks in advance.

I used to relax myself to enjoy this game after work in leisure, but everything become difficult after balancing.

i been in this game for 3 years, but now I can’t find a reason to go on.

Hi @Madlen 

how and when can we expect gold compensation? Is it going to be auto addition to or some kind of screen pop out? I did 6x tavern and 1x farm. 


Hi Tommy,

The compensation was only for the ones that upgraded the main alliance conquest building.

It showed the discount on the upgrade screen but full price was paid.

So the compensation is to give back the money that was too much paid 


The next ninja event will be less intersting and less competitive: too many players will be able to achieve the maximum score.