[Discussion thread for] - Royal Revolt 2 - Halloween Horror teaser

[mirroring official announcement]

Halloween has arrived in Royal Revolt 2. When darkness falls, will you defend your Kingdom? ??‍♂️

Please have a look at the small Halloween teaser we have prepared for you!


If you want to discuss this, please do so below :slight_smile:

Wow… it’s so cool

I must say, looks interesting. When can we expect that Halloween festival? I hope not during Halloween conquest.

Coming festival and conquest in how long time ???

All coming soon!

 In 3 events start   at a. time  conquest and.   Holloween event and ninja


One question: Do we get more uber items converted to pro items or is that only planed for this Helloween-Event?

2 Years ago we got most of this items as uber set … atm all items are unqiue ?



So cool! Another chance to get the blood pumps, which are ultra rare. ?

Pro-Blood pumps with stronger stats ?

If you use Ceres, forging pal flute to 6.9s is enough for him to cast 2 of it’s special moves! For Aska, Phoebe and other pals, you definitely need blood pumps to cast special moves twice!?

Everything here looks awesome. Love the new Conquest map and I’m really excited to get going on everything that’s coming up in this halloween week. However I have a question, why have so many items available in the Festival if you only have 7 days to get them? I mean, the chances are that you’re only gonna get one item! Why don’t you guys make 2 week, or even month long, festivals anymore? Now I’m torn, cause I want to try the new buffed Bela, but at the same time the Skull boost sword is very tempting. Would like to see a festival with a bit more time, but, I gotta say, at least we have the festival :grinning:  

On the most of Festvials Flaregames introduce new Sets/Items/pal, but atm there is no new item, maybe thats the reason. (last new items are the weapons on pro-store)

The “new” vampire pro set is permanent or just available during the Halloween Event?

Cool! I would definitely go for the pro blood-pumps!! It’s not clear to me if this vampire set is permanently available or only around Halloween. I was just saving my crystals to get the Horkos gloves. Hmm… what to do, what do do? ?

Also, I sincerely hope that the Halloween Festival will not be running parallel to the conquest. Too exhausting!

Then FG will nerf it, coming soon ?

If you get stronger Blood Pump boots, that extend the transformation duration even further, what’s the benefit?

You will still get only 2 special beast attacks. Any additional transformation time will only delay your pal’s recharge bar, which is not good. 

Or am I missing something? I’m not familiar with the Pal Flute yet. 

when the festival start? thx

I prefer a community week or a community month before the end of this year.

True words… Extending beasts transformation time significantly decreases pals recharge bar… in which, one should really consider about!


There are currently no plans to remove it again after the Event.