[Discussion thread for] Something PROmising is coming up on Thursday

More info’s soon ™ :grinning:

Leave a ? if you are excited :slight_smile:


New Pro Pal!!!

Since PRO is uppercase, it has something to do with pro gear, pro chests or pro pal. A pro event/festival maybe? We will see that on Thursday. 

Whatever it is, you made us curious now Madlen :slight_smile:. Here is my ?

Wait a minute, conquest ends on Thursday. Will we get extra pro chests as compensation for the bugs that will be fixed after conquest in a new release? Pro diamonds inside a pro chest, since diamond is another hint? 

Am I warm? 

I don’t think so Awesomest.

On last September dev QA they said there were no plans to release a pal at the moment.

Perhaps some new useful pro-rewards?

Either way, I’m hyped. You got my attention Madlen hehe ?

?May it be a pro fest ?

Maybe a Pro-Ring that revokes all Nerfs.

Well, careful. If it isn’t good, there’s going to be a PROtest instead.

Maybe they will just PROclaim the release of the fix of the fix of the fix?

Couldnt stop myself laughing at this!! lol

maybe its nerd juice specifically engineered scientific-like for freaky weirdos who most likely consider cosplay 2011 as their life forming moment.

Perhaps another round of gems for all the ones spent while the wolves, call, heal didn’t work for the whole conquest??

I’m thinking a Pro festival is coming. 

Maybe you can buy some pro pals, pro items of even the pro layout. 

And it’ll be the Omega set that is sold in the Festival. Just to mess with those who bought the Omega One Time offer

maybe something missing from the current pro-shop? a few more item sets for helmet, cape, armor and … or maybe it is pro-pal chests

Ooo yeah, I hope it’s a festival with lots of pro crystals ???

Maybe a PROhibition of Conquest

?! I’m gonna go with something similar to @Dena4’s guess. Either a special Pro Event or something that will get us more gems from the Pro League or Pro Chests!

Another official huge nerf-list?


not again

Maybe Gatetowes in Pro levels! Then they can easily find out, who is a cheater! ?