[Discussion thread for] Something PROmising is coming up on Thursday

Is it an event that one person gets 1000 gem when answering the questionnaire?

Will it make any difference if wait till Thursday to open our pro-chests? ?

Really hope a new Pro armor set who will do awesome stuffs like the ring with Fire aura or Poison Aura. Really awesome if its XP perk combine with speed. Or something new like I don’t know spells duration perk +0.1 sec if you forge at +30 and more you can up to +1 sec.

Whatever it is I have a feeling its gonna be Protastic (fantastic + Pro)

Yes, huge difference. Those pro chests would’ve expired.

I wish a community week or a community month.

It’s a Pro Festival! :slight_smile:



Maybe I expected another thing but…

Except for the Zelos sword, Chloris shoulders, or Ares belt for skull perk which I already have…

Most of the items are kinda bad.


I guess I’ll try to buy an Eris or Janus and farm the awesome gold :slight_smile:

Couldn’t help but notice that the Festival is only 6 days long. Very disappointing imho. Looks like we’ll only be able to get one item or pal again

We have not announced the end date yet, so please don’t post any statements that are not confirmed. The frames in the video are from a dev build.

Is the list of items on shop confirmed?

You could have added at least a few of the new items to that shop,

so high level players who already have all old items and pals could have some benefit from the Festival too.

Guess we are going for more Pro Beasts

Okay, hopefully it’s more. Just noticed that it said 5d 23hr on the banner in the video, so I assumed that’s what the length was

Festivals are all around awesome. Too bad we haven’t received a 28d Festival since last year, those were so fun. Tons gold and medals really helped me out. Even now, with only 7-14 days of Festival, they are epic! Glad to see another festival coming our way again

That will be ‘fun’… doing a festival while scream/healingring is still totally broken ?

A new release should be close. Staff said after conquest a new release would be there. Hopefully heal ring also is fixed.

New pal  xp 

And new skin king :slight_smile:

This would be a good event IF the old format was followed where there’s an event (blacksmith) that goes together with the festival.


But I doubt there is, so it’s just a boring festival that has the least wanted pro items on sale.

I was expecting nemesis or ceres, I am really dissappointed. Janus and eris really???

They didn’t even admit that the Heal ring is bugged…

So, how can we expect it to be fixed in the near future?

At least I hope the battlecry bug to be fixed…

too bad :slightly_frowning_face: