[Discussion thread for] Update 16.10.18: Some Information on upcoming Conquest Changes

[mirroring official announcement]

Dear players,

I wanted to keep you in the loop about some news regarding the Conquest.


  • We will make some changes to the matchmaking that will base the matchmaking not only on the previous Conquest scores but also on the strength of Alliances. This should guarantee a better Conquest experience for players.

Scheduling of Wars, Ninjas, Conquest:

  • Since the introduction of Conquest, these events were a bit irregularly scheduled. This will improve with the next months again and we will introduce a more regular schedule again.
  • We are aiming for a 3 weeks rhythm for the Conquest.
  • Please keep in mind that with the next upcoming Conquest Conquests will last 5 days (over the course of 6 calendar days).

If you want to discuss this with us, please do so below :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Glad to hear that the matchmaker is gonna get some changes. I see it’s gonna be based on the strength of alliances, but what exactly does that mean? How do you figure that out? Average Hero Level, amount of trophies in the alliance? Whatever it is, I just hope it helps the case of horrible experience in the Conquest

Matchmaking should be average of hero level in alliance. If an alliance is winner of last conquest, than it has to fight another winning alliance of same hero level  (average ).

Ranking, Hero level… no matter what. It will be exploited ? lots of teams will be half ‘empty’ the days before conquest when the matchmaking is done (to have lower average level or ranking), and then fill up again in the last 30 minutes. 

Conquest still bad as it is 5*24 hrs. Dont mind the duration, but do mind the 24 hr effort it needs! We should enjoy the game, play it when it suits us not for 24 hrs a day?. E.g. Guiding people takes a full time job, SV can be done while im asleep etc. What are you guys from FG expecting…quit our social and working lives? Said it before…pls get rid of this conquest nonsence! Have you counted how many experienced players have left after 4.0? I counted a lot. I will be next of you dont change policies on this matter. This game should be fun again. Thx for reading

An alliances rewards should also change according to the strength calculation.  It would still make sense to make the tier buckets visible to all, thus no surprise enemy when conquest starts (it will still be random alliances from the bucket on the map), and alliances can plan ahead if they’ve gone into a high tier.

The problem is thus:

Everyone wants to win

Somebody has to lose

Those that lose complain, those that win, don’t, so no matter how you matchmake, someone will still complain.

Oh god… we want LESS of Conquest, not more. Please keep Conquest at no more than once every month (~30 days).

We need more ninja events per month (going back to 2 per month would be ideal) and less Conquest events.


Who is making this kind of decisions at Flare’s HQ? Are the crazy? Can’t they see the damage Conquest is doing to alliances?


There’s a lot to improve in Conquest. A lot. Please tell them to focus on that instead of trying to shove even more Conquest down our throats.

3 weeks = 21 days

  • 6 days of Conquest
    =27 days

1 month = 4 weeks = 28 days

Seems like once per month to me.

What part of “3 week cycle” seems like a month to you?

In case you didn’t understand, that means a new Conquest event will start every 3 weeks, as opposed to every 4 weeks like we have now.

Glad to see that Flare respects user voice. I’m excited about the improvements in coming conquest season. Thank you!

Thats your opinion.

I want more of conquest.

conquest is new content.  its fun and strategic.

you want to keep playing the old stuff, i think u might be able to download royal revolt 1.



@Madlen can you clarify if you mean that conquest will start every 3 weeks with 2 weeks between conquest, or if you meant 3 weeks between conquests?

The number of territories will definitely be one of the standards of strength of that alliance.

The user can not operate the standard which becomes the medal ?number of each user further.

Please also consider the strength of the alliance’s elite boost. There is about “soldier and citizen” difference between LV 80 alliance and LV 65 alliance. .


It should be “strength of alliances” at the moment of conquest start! The list of players who can participate in conquest is already captured at the moment of conquest start, the ranking or hero levels need to be taken at the same moment. When the “strength” rating and the list of participating players is taken simultaneously, then it should be hard to exploit or manipulate it.

Previously,it was 8 days for every 28 days.Now,it will run for 5 days every 21 days.

3*28 = 4*21.

So,3*8 - 4*5 = 4 days.

4 days reduced over a 3 month period.

Also,24 hrs of no new attacks replaced with 12 hrs.

So,you have actually done nothing regarding the total hours of conquest time played.

Bravo.Hats off to Flare.

It intensifies the work of Leader and Generals even more as now they need to organise every 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks.(which would mean even faster quitting by them)

It maybe a welcome change for normal members.

It also results in even more days of OP defense boost.




Then let’s all drop 1000 trophies shortly before the start… see, lots of possibilities to exploit

So use hero levels or XP points. You can’t drop them. Only increase them.

Yeah. So now 4 very low level teams will be able to fight in the highest tier against each other?  

That doesn’t seem correct, no? It’s like playing Champions League in football with 4 teams from 3rd division…

Do you really need clarification for this? 

3 week cycle means a new Conquest will take place every 3 weeks (as opposed to every 4 weeks that is in place right now). 


You are absolutly right. 

Changing the duration from 8 to 5 days won’t mean anything if it means we’ll have more Conquest events to endure.

Having a monthly Conquest event has been devastating enough to the community. How can the devs not see this? 

Changing to a Conquest event every 3 weeks is another nail in the coffin. 

Ahhhh complainers

“Conquest is too long~ 8d”

“Conquest goes too fast ( i barely could fight~)”

“Conquest is too often~”

“Wars are booring put conquests with shorter intervals between them”

“Conquest is too hard”

Next update better matchmaking :

“But it isn’t normal to have a fair conquest match in higher tiers”