[Discussion thread for] - Update 22.10.18 (Some information on some questions/concerns from multiple threads)

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Hi there Olympians,

I wanted to keep you in the loop about some things. I saw some questions/concerns/complaints :grinning:

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1. New live server update

The new live server update will be out in approximately 2 weeks (subject to change) and it will add new maximum levels for everything in the game. #hypetrain ?

2. Trophy situation

We become aware of complaints about the current trophy situation. We will reduce the difficulty of islands and will continue to tweak the matchmaking. This will be part of the upcoming live server update as well.

We will however not tweak the cost of cursing uniques.

3. Life on hit problem with the gate keeper

We will try to fix the life on hit problem with the gate keeper. However, this will not be in the upcoming server update because it needs a client update. I cannot give you an estimate for when this will be out yet. Once I have more information I can share, I will for sure do so! :slight_smile:

4. War rewards / War blessings

We will have a look at what will be rewarded (Thanks to everyone who participated in the thread I have opened for this), but we will not change the war blessings.

5. Top players

Devs became aware of complaints, that some users felt that the top league is impossible to reach. We want to underline that the difference between the top league vs the second league is 1 blessing. The game’s top players are in the top league of the game. We believe, that to reach this point takes impeccable skill and time and hence think that these players should be rewarded with something tangible and desirable.

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These are some updates and dev stances I could share for now.

Stay tuned for the upcoming answers to the dev QA End of October and I wanted to use this chance as well to make you aware that our Halloween event is still going strong in the event section of the forum.

Feel free to discuss below!

May Zeus have mercy on you,



Thanks Madlen! I think it’s really important to get feedback like this more often, even if sometimes it feels like answering the same questions over again. 


@Madlen why don’t developers actually start making updates that benefits all and not few hundred players?

They don’t play the game which if fine but they don’t have to ruin it for everyone.Titan league teams have best bugged equipments and best war blessings.(you don’t have the guts to take away their toy,which rest of the OR players can’t make now thanks to the last 

So they are auto playing everyones bases with ease and doing ten skull odysseys without invocations.(which should be impossible)

No need to insult us(players who waste their time with your garbage game that favor one set of players heavily and creates,promotes one sided match making great just great)

FYI many of the titan league player have already reached 40k life on hit on statutes with 63% Damage reflection and not to mention some other resistance and 75% physical Resistance.


Mark my words Olympus Rising is doomed with new update.


You would be so much happier if you deleted your game. I’m not saying this to be snarky! I think you’re a pretty cool dude and I’ve always enjoyed talking to you. The game is driving you bonkers. Take a break, it’s just a game. If you don’t enjoy it, there are literally millions of other games out there to play.

I’ve played this game for a long time and my bugged equipment are no longer the advantage it was a few months ago. Now everyone can make great equipment. It does require being level 131, time and a ton of res. 

A few players have really strong GKs and some I can’t beat - yet. But I’m forging and refining and soon I’ll try again. For me this is a driver to keep playing. 

With the right gear that’s been forged to 5star Titan items. I can walk through difficulty 10 odyssey’s with Hercules Athena and Perseus now.   You don’t have to beat everything. Just barricades and the gate.    Don’t waste your time going for towers or keepers or troops.  Just reflect that damage back and keep on walking. I’m 126 and my gear has been flushed clean since the last big update so no broken gear.  Odyssey is super easy.  

I’m sad you are messing with loh gatekeepers.  They took a little to get used to but I kill 95% of the gatekeepers now.

war blessings dissapoint because having lvl 70s in your allaince means it’s gonna be a year plus before they can do anything in higher leagues.

Can you do this with Prometheus or Ajax or Odysseus?


Why couldn’t you? Are we talking about the odyssey?

Can I? No not currently. I just got Athena and Hercules up to the point of beating them. My Odysseus is only like lvl 15, maybe Prometheus if I forged his stuff up but I don’t use him and haven’t forged anything for him.  Sadly my Ajax is forged for war not for barricades and a gate.  So he dies off a little too fast in difficulty 10s the damage output is to much deal with, I just recently got madness of Ajax and defense isn’t the easiest to add to him now.      However I do believe if I had spent time forging their gear it would be a different story. 


There are no heroes that can’t succeed in the Odyssey if you take the time to forge gear specifically for that, and level them up sufficiently. It is absolutely a challenge to have heroes that are capable of using in war at a high level and odyssey at a high level, because sometimes it requires a different set of gear (it depends on the hero). Having 12 heroes that are all geared up and levelled for the Odyssey is next level stuff, and the players who are able to do high level odysseys with the chosen hero every week have sunk a lot of time and resources into getting to that point. It’s not an easy feat, but it’s also not magic. You just need to play a lot and forge high quality gear and choose impactful masteries.

And you also need to be willing to use invocations as needed. They’re not always needed with every hero on every odyssey adventure, but the wisdom cost is high enough that spending even 50 gems to beat an adventure is better than losing 20k wisdom to re-play the island. Spending 15 or 20 gems is certainly worth it.

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