[Discussion thread for] Update on the Brother's Challenge

[mirroring official announcements]

Dear Olympians,

I wanted to get back to you on the Olympus Rising Birthday Challenge.

The developers and I would like to thank everyone, who participated in the challenge. We were blown away by the responses! ?

Meanwhile, some time has passed and we are really sorry that it took us so long to get back to you. We want to avoid incurring Hades’ (and your) wrath, so I am happy to share the following news:

We will issue all contest participants a whopping 7000 gems in total during the course of the next 2 weeks.

That is 1000 gems more than what we originally planned for the maximum win. ?

We hope you will forgive us the time delay!

_ _ _

If you want to discuss this news with us please do so below.



I just want to say that I thought this was a really fun contest, and very challenging. I appreciate the extra gems, but it’s disappointing how the contest turned out. It would have been cooler to see the players who put the most effort in get their reward instead of everyone just getting the same. It really was very difficult to get anywhere close to the original 6,000 gems and the players who did it deserved some kudos.

But I’m glad it’s over. That’s the important thing. Maybe it means we can get a halloween challenge like RR2? ?

@MadlenI know you say 2 weeks. But many members of my alliance have received their gems. 

Has everyone who entered the contest been compensated?? 

Should I ask this question again in 13 days?? 


Your friend

Waiting patiently. ???


It will take approx. 2 weeks (this includes some safety time in case somebody gets sick or so) to go through the complete list :grinning:

@ZeeeZ i asume they start with A and work their way down to zeeez…

Stretch that patience?

Thank you for the update @Madlen

@Slinks maybe. Of course I’m at the very end of the alphabet if this is the case. ???

I will continue to stretch my patience. ?

They say patients is a virtue.  That maybe right unless you are a doctor. 

Sorry dad joke. 

I did recieve the gems. Think it was alphabetically. So I was last in line.  

Thanks all. ?

I changed my name 4-5 days ago… actually same name but i include flags … so i get the gems or not