[Discussion thread for]Version update 4.2.2 available now // Patch Notes

[Mirroring official announcement]

Kings & Queens,

Version 4.2.2 has been released.

It provides two urgent fixes:

  • Fix for: Game sometimes crashes when opening upgrade screen of towers
  • Fix for: Hero Scream, Battle Cry & Intimidate effects overwrite each other based on activation time

Kind regards,


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If you want to discuss this, please do so below.

Please let us know how you experience the battles now. :slight_smile:

My trophies are finally coming back! I`m happy. :slight_smile:

I tried the event and the troops look less weak, but the difficulty changes too often to have a comparison. I will try again in the usual dungeon I have as a reference.

What I can say is that during the conquest the troops were really a disaster, I hope next time the fixes will come before a PvP event start.

I only used Matchmaker just to be clear.

everything came back to normal…scream and Healing ring bugs (even if you claim that it was working as before), now everything is good.

and received also the conquest rewards after the maintenance so it s a ll good ?

I bet developers tested the reported heal aura bug in a version where battlecry/scream bug was already fixed. So they didn’t notice the bug we experienced. If it was tested against released code of 4.2.0, that bug would also occur there.

But all good in the end, heal aura works as before. Glad that this also works. Good job developers.

@Madlen Some bugs are fixed but still bugs are present. Till the release of v4.2.0 ninjas usted to be stuned by but since that mess happed stun ( stun spell and stun in swordrain doesn’t effect ninjas even after the update 4.2.2. Can you please explain the reason behind it ?

Yes, the battles are a ton easier now. Glad you guys fixed this! Great initiative on the devs part! I wish this had been fixed before the Conquest though, as the battles were a ton harder. Anyway, just glad I can attack without getting destroyed every time 

Yes, they were harder, but I didn’t spend 500 gems. I spend a few, but less than 100. 

In the top tier you were forced to spend them against most (if not all) fully boosted +4500 trophy bases.

I’ve been playing for almost 2 years and only ever had to use scrolls in “desperation mode” (when you’re about to die or time is running out) or in dungeons.

This time, during Conquest, scrolls just became a regular part of my attacking routine. Most times I already knew I was going to use a scroll right at the start of the raid (barely outside of my tent) and then, hopefully, I would not have to scroll a 2nd time against the beast.

I think I spent close to 1500 gems during Conquest and from what I saw on battle reports and talking to other people, I’m guessing I did better than most.

This bug was really brutal on the top tier.

I understand, since bases indeed became much harder due to the bugs. I was in a few wars during conquest, used exactly one resurrection (***** mistake of me against a phoebe beast) and two scrolls in total, when I used incorrect spell combination. 

I was lucky for sure that at our level, we don’t need to raid 4500+ players. 

I had only 2 wars in last conquest against weak opponents and still had to use 2 res and a couple of scrolls…bug was awful…not as what it would have been in a real wars…

I m just happy it ended quite fast and we settled them down on the 3rd place. we ended up second by non fighting the higher alliance that were with us ?

If it happened during a regular war you could have just attacked a weaker opponent.

But in Conquest you’re forced to attack whoever is in front of you. If you’re stuck in a fight against 3 guys with 5000+ trophies, well, you must fight them.

Ok , bug is solved, but I also find very hard attack 5.000+ trophies , im 130  5200trophies  and with the new conquest boosts and one plus tower level is a nightmare ,almost imposible without scroll,  am i the only one? 


Soon new thread is defense op??

try this combo you may succeed :grinning:

Maybe not this patch directly but i hardly see discount offer pack for +1 lv of your current troop or spell set up , +5 king lv , + worker , full gold chest + worker or finished all current upgrade packs after done raiding anymore . Only thing i get is 1k5 gems offer for 5 uber chest time after time but it seem like a bad investment since we have pro tier stuff now so i will never buy it . So did it removed for specific lv or gems range or what . I believe with how it was working before : Pop up the offer with higher gems number than you are having then after months of playing i should have seen more than just uber offer, when i have 2 or 3k gems it still 1k5 gems uber offer, i only bought +3 worker pack and spell before btw .? 

Those packs only pop up when you do NOT have enough gems to buy them (in fact, you need to have at least 230-250 gems below their price).

The begginer pack costs 500 gems. If you have over 280 gems, the game will never offer that pack.

Same goes for the workers package. If you already have 4 workers and want to buy the +3 workers package (workers 5, 6 and 7), it will cost around 1900-2000 gems so you must have LESS than 1650 gems to get that offer.


Be careful that uncollected rewarded gems (from quests) will count as if they are already collected.

That’s a lot insta used for 1 raid.
You use heal ring too? Healing %?
Heal spell forged how many times?
How’s Force doing, does he still play? His IGN’s gone from my friend list, possibly retired? ?

I tried it once cr1 no friend. insta cannon lvl 10:D