Dismantle Old Towers

During first levels and through many game implementation players built lots of towers that maybe they will not use any more, or maybe 1 time every 2 years when a strange war boost appears.

The purpose is to make “towers” changing similar to “clothes” changing, it would be great if game let players dismantle an old tower in order to get - gold? pearls? stone for conquest? - something useful, however more useful than the tower itself. 

I suppose it can speed up new players, who can obtain resources from old towers for new towers when they unlock them, and it will cost less sufference if new towers will be avaible and we’ll have to change path or combination.

Thx, Kroq

I think it would definitely be cool if we could sell our towers. Though, I think the only automatic thing we should get back is some gold. Pearls, sure, maybe, but you should only get some if you are selling a tower that has forges on it. Stone is a definite no. It just doesn’t make sense to get stone from the towers when you didn’t use any to build it in the first place

I don’t see the point of this. Many have suggested it in the past and a lots of person think close the same. Its totally useless and this option will punish more the player than else.

By example you have 10 Arrow towers level 20. you decide to change them all and never use them again. What happen if one day we have Sniper Tower and your alliance activate Poison Arrow? Duh… you have sell them and now must restart at level 1 each one and like punishment you weaken your base

I don’t see any benefit of this feature. Just punishment. Remember tower can be stack in inventory are infinite. there is no limit of tower you can accumulate. So I don’t see what this feature can add into the game

Other example you have some Lightning Tower at level 9. you decide to change them for Gargoyle Tower because your alliance have earn them in a War. By mistake you click sell it. ‘‘Oh no what I have done…’’ Here we go spend a another 2 or 3 month to max them

sell tower will give more negative impact than positive.  I don’t want to see the number of rage quit if someone sell a max tower by mistake and specially if this tower is forged at +150. No thanks


Insert a confirm before sell is quite easy i suppose.

Of course if you want to take your 20 arrow tower you can, at lvl 130 maybe you don’t need to dismantle Towers, but low level players may choose to sell them to build faster oher Towers.

It’s only about the choise of a player, you can hold all your tower, or you can sell them. Personally, i have lot of tower that i’d dismantle if i could. 


I’ve got 3 lvl 9 arrow Towers for example. No need to upgrade them, no need to put them on path at this level. I think for new players it could be a good choise to dismantle them.


U cant have all towers being equally useful, the idea is that weaker towers r cheap so that new players will have something to start with, and the stronger ones r expensive to motivate players to raid and evolve their kingdom to get them.

What we need here is to add a new tower system that will give more motivation to players to evolve and raid.

For example, combine a max level poison tower with a max level bomb tower and u get a lv.1 mortar tower that casts at a long range poison bombs with a large AoE. To get at lv.2 mortar tower u need to add a max level firestorm tower, that will give the lv.2 mortar tower higher attack rate. To get a Lv.3 mortar tower u need another max poison tower that will increase the tower’s poison damage, etc.

This will also improve castle defence and balance the game for all those who complain that attack is too OP

Just imagine how frustated and angry you would feel if Flare decided to do some changes to the towers you just destroyed,
and those changes make them strong enough to be in the meta, but now you don’t have any of those anymore!  :wacko:

Then you would have to spend months and tons of resources to upgrade/forge those towers all over again.

Such feature would actually punish lower level players who just want some resources for their upgrades, because they would think it’s a good deal to destroy certain towers, but it isn’t!

I can’t imagine any high level player using such feature, cause all towers can be useful at some point, 
in fact, because of that, most of them are constantly building and upgrading new towers, even the currently weakest ones, cause we never know when things are gonna change.

From the September Q&A:

  • Question: Arrow Towers: why they have been forgotten, neglected, and limited to only being somewhat useful during specific war seasons?
    Dev Team Answer: We cannot give you details right now, but the chance of the arrow tower receiving a boost eventually is more than likely.

they will have to choose carefully…it’s their’s choice! :slight_smile:

I would never sell any of my towers and wouldn’t recommend it: Sometimes there are special war boosts (triple boosted arrow tower) or a completely new boost that changes the usefulness of a tower completely. You might better store them for those times.

Also I’m sure I’d fear unintentionally sellinh my maxed towers, which would be a real pain.

I agree that I would never sell my towers because of the possibility of a new boost or buff to a tower that you’ve sold

For your second point, I understand that it would be a pain to sell your towers, but the suggestion did state that there should be a confirm button implemented to this idea as well to prevent this from happening

Oh great! So instead of taking a bit over a year to fully max your defense, it would take another year or 2 to combine multiple towers.

And what about the forges you already spent?

A good feature would be to be able to carry the blacksmith upgrades of the towers u combined to the resulting mortar tower.

If u upgraded the range of the bomb tower u used by +20%, then the range of the mortar tower would be +20% as well, if the poison tower was blacksmithed to do +300 damage, then the poison bombs of the mortar tower would have +300 dmg. That would be an extra motivation to use blacksmithed towers, of course u ll be also able to blacksmith mortar tower after u build it too, the max blacksmith upgrade could be reached in both ways.

To make it easier to build such combined  meta-towers, I suggest that FG introduces a new kind of resource called bomb tower components, archer tower combonents, etc which combined will form the mortar tower as well, and will be manufactured in the inventor’s hut. I suggest that the inventor’s hut will become something like the blacksmith and have slots, only these slots will allow such tower components to be built at the same time. To do that u ll need to upgrade your inventor’s hut to an Industrial factory (new feature). Of course the construction of the tower component in  the factory’s slots will require a worker, the benefit would be that u ll be able to do it inside the factory and not on your defence path.

“A variety of units, obstacles and towers. A game with a high degree of freedom to rearrange”
For such a game, it would be better to let the user create a lot and enjoy the sorting of the 22 towers at will.
The Arrow Tower should also be able to show people who prefer more.
If it was something that the boost could be freely coordinated and provided like the ninja stage Arrow Tower.

I think it’s a sales idea, as it is often not possible to put out more than 22 because of the expensive price of the time-saving gem and the joint battle event of the alliance.

Personally I would like to sell extra towers if I have more than 22 towers with the same performance.


So I suggested in the past that I wanted you to make a “backyard” where you could make more than 22 towers and obstacles.

Just “selling” towers is a very old-school idea…and completely lacks imagination…however, the ability to use your extra towers as components to make brand new, mind-blowing and ultra HOT meta-towers is soooooooooo COOL!!!

I gave the example of poison tower + bomb tower = mortar tower (casts long-range AoE poison bombs)

Imagine other tower combos too

e.g. firestorm tower+skull tower = auto-cannon rocket launcher tower 

…the posibilities r ENDLESS.

It will open a brand new AMAZINGLY exciting chapter for RR2 kingdom tower-defence development and FG!!!..the only problem that should be dealt with, is to able to built towers NOT on your defence path (and thus at the expense of your kingdoms defence) but in a neutral place within your castle (in the slots of your factory, which I mentioned earlier) or in the BACKYARD as aslan named it.

Similarly, with the meta-towers that r created by combining other towers, FG could also make a Pet Shrine where u can join-pets to form new stronger breeds.

Additionally, in the pet shrine it d a cool feature if u could purchase skills or alliance boosts for your pets, obtain items that can level them up, promote them if they perform certain quests, etc.

I mention the pet shrine in this section for balancing reasons, if the meta-towers make defence in RR2 too OP, then RR2 could introduce the pet shrine to boost offence as well.  

And then what? Combine spells and combine troops just so that they don’t become obsolete?

this is going too far imo

EVERY game needs to evolve to survive…otherwise FG would stick to RR1.

I got one more idea for meta-construction

lightning tower + blockade = electric fence (blockade that stuns and hurts melee units)

@megatheo you probably should start a new topic for those ideas. Fusion of buildings is a completely different suggestion  :slight_smile:

The discussion here is about dismatling old towers for gold, pearls and other resources.

Just did. Dont forget to commend on my new post “FUSION TOWERS”

Hello, thanks for sharing your idea.

We already have a thread about this topic in the section interesting ideas, so I will move this one there as well.