Disparity in announcement and reality.

And health!

Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing? Or do they have random in their copypasta?

Perhaps it’s a close guess by flare? But still, it’s scary that it seems they don’t have control over what the stats of the hero are. I just hope it’s the same stats for everyone participating

I wonder if hero level has an effect on the base stats in the pro league…

The items, spells and troops have the same level and forges but for the hero perhaps player level is involved. 

Edit:  on second thought, that doesn’t make sense either lol. 

I still can’t believe it’s been over 2 years and they haven’t managed to change the word: Resistance to Weakness for Ninjas!


what does this have to do with this topic regarding pro league?

Posting right thing in wrong thread. 

I think what @Maerique is saying is, the stats for the ninja’s aren’t even right. Although, the only thing that isn’t right is the fact that they just either don’t have a weakness, or have a resistance to something that doesn’t make sense. For instance, Frost Ninja’s got 100% resistance to fire, which turned out to be just a visual bug

“Let’s just put random stats in the game because who cares, it’s not like anybody reads this stuff anyway.”

And thus the dev team agreed to have the game display random numericals to make it seem like there’s actual statistics, modifiers and formulas in the game while in reality there are none. As the community spent countless workhours on reverse engineering game formulas for various wikis, the makers of the game chose a more productive way to spend their time (and company funds) - beer.


< Completely unrelated story time. Ahem… (;^ω^) >

That’s almost my point.

My real point is they really don’t seem to care what information they give us.

And for some reason they don’t base it on real values.

Ninjas claim they are 100% resistant to Fire (immune).  But they die so fast in a Firestorm they clearly meant 100% weakness.

But my big question is: how the hell do we forgive them when they say: “oh it’s a visual bug”. 

Fix it.  Get a freaking intern to retype the word Resistance as Weakness.

But this is unfortunately the level of professionalism we expect from them.

And with this kind of sloppy work how the hell are we surprised by slight differences in the announcement versus the actual.

Major mistake. Should not happen! Makes the whole developer team look weak.

Any explanation from a developer? Or we can stay with the sad version…

You guys are really looking for things to hate on :slight_smile:

They probably made a last second change to the equipment to balance things out before going live. Did this really affect anyone’s performance on the Pro-League? Calling this a “major” issue seems over the top to me. There are so many other things to get upset about. :slight_smile: