Display attack and health for each wave



I suggest to be able to know the total attack and health for each wave  so when we change the troops we can know which one gives a greater health and attack. I know it’s hard to determine which one is better by that way but it’s the same as the total king health and attack 



Not sure how useful that would be.


First of all, it will tell nothing about additional effects (e.g. slowdown, burning, panic, stun, battl cry, …) that directly or indirectly influence the actual damage output.

Second, it will kind of compare eggs and apples, as each unit has different attack types. E.g. piercing damage will act completely different than poison, so mixing up all kinds of damage into one value doesn’t really say you anything about the actual strength of a certain wave composition.

For health, it’s similar due to different strengths and weaknesses. Plus, most (all?) spells are area of effect spells, hence the health distribution among the units of a wave has an influence on it’s “practical” durability as well. A swordrain can take out 8 pyromancers (32 morale), but it can’t take out a single mummy (14 morale), similar with bladestorm.

Also, range and movement speed would be totally ignored in that approach but are just as important as the other two other values (damage and health).


Moreover, by looking at the individual troop types, one can roughly estimate the attack and health values without too much of an effort. As the exact values contain no useful information, I personally see not much reason to add them.

On smaller displays (e.g. smartphones) there isn’t even room for displaying those values on the current interfaces.



For comparison, the king is a single unit (thus it’s resistances/weaknesses are “one”) and hence the total health value makes a lot more sense.

True, with secondary stats, the king may deal several kinds of damage, but there you also get displayed which kinds of damage right below the total damage value and the biggest part is always normal damage.

well then either barely anyone would want to attack you or almost everyone would want to attack you

I guess Isa AI suggested to make health + damage per wave visible for the base owner in his castle guard window. How would that influence the attack decisions of other players? :S