Display bug - Units disappear on strike

Hi OR members,

Has any one had this strange glitch?

While attacking, I spawn a lot of Spear man (Yes like x100) with Ariadne  and  Jason. After some time, like a minute into the attack, I am not able to see the Spawned spear man (also other units) on the progress road bar in the top middle. Newly spawned units after some X number of spawns are not shown, this becomes trouble some… Moreover, While I use  Ariadne  spindle, I don’t see the Spindle effect(Rolling ribbons), but units come out of thin air(Also not shown on the Road map). When this strange thing happens, then only the effects of the Hero Powers happens(No Graphics or Visuals are shown). EX: While using Damocles, the daggers up are not shown, but the enemy units/buildings on the ground takes damage. Same goes with other powers.

Mind you, I use a LG V30 Snapdragon 835, so there is no change that my device is like lagging or not-capable to run the game. Nothing of that sorts.

Many Thanks to FG OR Team & @CaptainMorgan & @GalaMorgane for rectifying war and other bugs in the last update. Now the game is working good. Thanks for hearing us out.

I had a problem with Ariadne all my troops died at the end  gate within a few seconds I …had a lot of troops with her also playing with perseus he moved normal but all those with him moved very very slow those I was attacking moved normal this cant be normal .plus how are we ment to have a chance to win are alliance starts at lvl49 theres starts at lvl100



I know what you are talking about, it happened to me sometimes but its probably due to your connection. And its not a bug ?

Hi @TheSouth,

Are you speaking about the internet connection? I am using Wi-fi @75Mbps. I don’t think that should be a problem. The game runs smoothly, but the units disappear, how can this be a connectivity issue? 

Hi @IllidanVishnu, we have a cutoff for the amount of VFX we can display on screen at once, and this include the number of dots on the bar (though that has a separate count). Once you’ve spawned enough units they will not be shown there, but they do still exist.

This is also the reason that the Spindle VFX is not shown, the spell is still working, but if there are a huge amount of other VFX on screen, it may not be displayed.

@CaptainMorgan thanks for the clarity. Now we can spawn endless spearman… Lol… Keep on the good work…