Displayed tower strenght before attack?

What value is used to show the strongest structure on a base? 

See pic for random base where skull tower is strongest, then traps, firebolt and …


I have assumed it is # of structures, meaning there are more skull towers than others in that defense. Never validated that, though.

Its not, there is 3 skull, 3 firebolt, 3 lightning, 3 heal and 3 snake. I removed the traps, blocks and barricades on This one.


I think it’s the most forged tower. For instance, on my base, it goes Snake Tower most forged, then skull, then FB, then frost, then LT. Look at the following picture :slight_smile:  

Screenshot (105).png

This have 3 of all shown towers. Towers is forge:

Skull 40, 43 and 48

firebolt 38, 45, 48

lightning 65 on all 3

heal 48, 33, 15

snake 65 on all 3

Must be a coincidence on my base

It might be related to xp points you get from structures, the order in which they are displayed.

Having said that, in Wikia I only see xp points for towers without forges (not complete, firebolt max level isn’t filled in for example). I honestly expect forges not to influence xp points, also boost don’t do that.

It’s an interesting question.


I always thought and remain at this opinion that towers / traps are shown that outnumber the health.


UPD: I just checked it. I made a mistake)

Ok, tested with no boosts, show same ?


@Odkim with all the forges still there, it may still be the same order even though it is less XP

You can test also where it depends on, tower health, xp and so on. 

Ok, here is new base, only one of each tower. Difference is none is max ?


Last towers stats


So health we can exclude. Maybe flare can give us the information and explain to us, what determines order of those towers plus troops.


@GalaMorgane @flaretara? Give us a little help here?

you are so naive :slight_smile:

Why? You think they won’t help?

want to do something and make it a wounded thing! How many answers have you received from people you are applying to?



Most of the time I’ll get answers

I’ve always wondered the same, we need answers!