Disproportionate Medal Earnings

Is it just me or is the the fact that I have to defeat three times the amount of players to earn medals as I do if I just lose to just one player I mean I know its a game and it’s supposed to be challenging but isn’t the ratio a bit too far off.For example I beat a player that has roughly the same amount of medals as me roughly at the same level as me (give or take the norm for the randomization soft ware the game employs when it picks opponents) and if I defeat said chosen opponent I get say anywhere from 9 to say 12 medals as a reward.Now take those same opponents and say if I lose I get anywhere between 30 and 34 medals deducted from me? That gap just seems too big I can see double  what I gamble plus half but for every three battles I win if I lose just one its like I lost three all at the same time the ratio is just too high and it seems a little too unfair.Don’t get me wrong its not supposed to be easy its supposed to be a challenge but where does it being a challenge end and an obvious gimmick to get you to spend money begin.I get that it has to be some profit for the Devs to even keep the game going but you take the fact that if you save 500 gems through hard work alone and the package offers that are 500 gems or less stop appearing or the degree of difficulty in improving your kingdom or obtaining armor weapons etc. worth actually having isn’t that enough to turn a decent revenue? Isn’t the current win/loss ratio on medals just over kill and a little too obvious? IJS

Agreed, its kinda rediculous. Meant to fight trophy inflation, but still… The heavy penalty only applies when you do the random matchmaker though, it doesnt hit you as hard when you pick em off the leaderboard or from your attack history. Still hurts to lose though :grinning:


Heres a similar topic



there is nothing wrong with this ratio


this is what keeps the leaderboard moving


and btw you are talking about trophies not medals