Dissapeard unique item

Dear administrator. Kindly ask you take nesesary action in follow mater. During the curse unique item Arinadnes binding it have lost from invertory((…Please help to solve the issue. Nickname -lek123 .Thank in advances

Did you forge or curse the item?

As per your edit, if you cursed this item, then it got turned to a cursed unique chest, and yes it is normal it disappeared from your inventory.

If you only forged it, then it is not normal.

They really ought to change the description of what cursing uniques does. It’s misleading. 

Hey @lek123, don’t  use the Report function as it hides your message.

Like @Tomaxo said, report function is a very flawed and unreliable way of getting mod/cm attention to any post violating the forum rules - not a way of responding to messages and questions. There is a “quote” or @ping function for that.

Else, I definitely agree with more description, yet this is a plague most of the game suffers from… Hope this has a place somewhere close on @CaptainMorgan s horizon.