Dissatisfaction with the company Flaregames

A while ago I changed the device and my husband too. We both played for years Royal revolt and marry one with his account and his device. But we buy the same devices, same model and brand. I was banned because they said I broke the rules. I’m sad and disappointed because I made an investment in the game and now I lost count without even making any kind of cheating. Besides, they don’t answer my emails, they don’t give me a sarisfaction. This is sad for a customer. They don’t solve my problem, they don’t return the account and they don’t answer me. Money thrown in the trash.

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It’s Flare… and their cheat detector that sees everybody except big spenders … feel bad for U but now here we haven’t got CM to speak to …


try again…


We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues. Please contact us via support.flaregames.com and provide the information about the accounts. Our colleagues will look into your issue and provide relevant feedback. Thank you!