Divine blessing glitch

Sometimes, an opponents blessings will be deactivated.  However, when I check another island with a member of that same alliance, their blessings are up.  Check back to the first, his are still down.  This seems impossible.  It does not happen frequently, but it has happened 3x now. 

I’ve seen this also

they seemed to fix the glitch were you can just open and close the attack screen until their blessings disappear 

however I’ve seen a lot of top players in high ranking alliances with no blessings - hard to believe. I still see instances where all blessings just disappear if I just wait 30-60 minutes. I can understand if one blessing expires but to have all of them expire at same time

this is rather upsetting as all alliances are using donations to activate these blessings and they are very expensive. They should be active until they expire regardless of circumstance

The problem really is! ! Sometimes I wait for about an hour and lost the blessing from all at the same time. With barricades, with towers of different types, soldiers. Why do people pay money? Please fix this problem!


Screenshots are made with the same





i’m not sure if you are still aware of this bug but it happens quite often that the blessings are not working. I have added two pics to show that two people of the same alli have different bessings. They are investing so havy into bessings and the bessings are not working correctly kinda sucks :grinning:

I can confirm this also. It’s not just a visual glitch either, when I attacked the player when his buffs didn’t show it was very easy to win. Before impossible 


another big problem in this game!! we are an alliance who have our divine blessings run 24/7!! where the hell are the divine blessings??? why should we invest in blessing if its not working properly! 

another money problem issue we pay a lot for those blessings, flaregames you really got some big issues to solve for all your money players, who pay your bills to keep your company running! fix your damn stuff!!!