Divine blessing purchase

I could not seem to activate any divine blessings for my alliance even after I purchase it. The screen would go into loading after I click “buy” and would return to “do you want to purchase…” again. No divine blessing is given, but it just shows I’ve donated and was still charged.

I’m guessing you are a foot soldier

foot soldiers are not allowed to activate divine blessings. Only officers and generals can

i know it’s a little deceiving but when you click on a divine blessings to activate it when your a foot soldier, it will bring up a prompt to buy/give donations. You aren’t activating them but just rather donating using money or gems.

That’s odd, because I’ve been activating them before the update when I was also a foot soldier. 

Not true. As a foot soldier you can activate selected blessing and it should activate after you decided to purchase with selected currency.

Hello Arira,

Did you purchase the donation with real money?

If you are the General or an Officer, you can activate a Divine Blessing using the Alliance gold.

If you are a Foot Soldier, you need to purchase an extra donation with real money in order to be able to activate the Divine Blessing.

Hmm oops sorry!

ive tried that before and it didn’t work, thought only officers and generals could activate them

my apologies

Hi Alysea,

Yes as a foot soldier I purchase it using real money. I’ve purchased divine blessings before for my alliance. But after the update I’ve purchase 4 times (its even on my Apple billing) but could not activate the Divine Blessing. The screen just kept reloading to "Do you want to purchase ___ for $1.99?*

Hello Arira,

Can you please contact the support about it?

They will be able to see if the purchases went through :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. Before update I could buy and activate blessings. Now it just buys it but not activate 

Hey Alysea,

Will do.

Also, is there a reason why I’m receiving less trophies than promised before a fight? For example from these opponents weeping and whisper, I did not get the number of promised trophies. It was promised a total of 6 and 5 trophies from them, instead I’ve received only 3 and 1. I’ve won and destroyed all their towers and no damaged inflicted on my base. This incident have been occurring to me often lately…


Could you send me the names of few of these opponents please? 

So far I’ve only recorded Weeping, whisper, bleuger and PorGor