Divine blessings costs / Uranus tower


By calculating the alliance budget, I’ve realized how insanely expensive the blessings were compared to the amount of gold Uranus tower lets you donate.

For a lvl40 alliance, blessings are therefore the most expensive, but since alliance level is maxed, there is no need to save to level up alliance.

Getting ALL blessings 24/7 would cost 15M gold a day – which represents - without gems donation - a daily donation of 375k / player ! (if players donate every 24H, which is already unrealistic)

That’s ok if blessings are not meant to be all activated 24/7. I get that.

But if 40 players had - let’s say - level 8 tower (which is already great), alliance could barely finance warriors & barricades only. That’s unsignificant… 


If players were able to donate more, they would raid more for the alliance, more strategy about activated blessings, more social aspect in the game, more fun etc.


Please don’t answer “just donate gems” thanks :wink:


I cannot believe that - despite my brilliant maths and lovely explained suggestion - these blessings are still just impossible to finance with daily donations. :slightly_frowning_face:  

Why would you expect an alliance to be able to sustain blessings 24/7 with just daily donations?

Why wouldn’t I?

At the moment, the only purpose of the alliance system is the blessings financing.

But the donation capacity through the uranus tower is just so unsignificant compared to gems donation, that it is basically impossible to have a decent self-sustaining policy.

I am ok with the fact that not ALL blessings should be self-sustained with gold donations. But we should be able to finance at least 3 blessings imho. And with these poor daily donation capacities, it is impossible.


Honestly, blessings are non-essential, and you can play the game completely for free and do well above average without them.

They are also a source of revenue for FG to pay their developers, designers, testers, support team, infrastructure, as well as operation costs. Maybe you could try using your brilliant math to figure out how much it cost to create, as well as maintain this game. Once you have a number, try looking at this again from a gaming company’s perspective, rather than from a user’s perspective. Maybe then it might make a bit more sense.

nothing is free in this world 

The limitation of free daily donations is all about to force gems using in alliances. Alliances should be the part of this game that give the more gems to the company . So this suggestion will never happens. 


Just use gems to afford perma blessings

Have you guys think about other players, who are in lower levels of alliance. If you have blessings 24/7 and they definitely don’t have it, there is no chance for them. There are lots of players at level 4x 5x, who have less than 1k7 trophies. The 100th alliance can only have 20 members. Blessings give advantages, but most of players dont have it. High cost of blessings requires better strategies and plans for it. 

Hey all,

We are always monitoring the situation with such subjects as boost costs, etc. Please note: the boosts give a significant advantage in battle (both attack and defense), it should not be the case that they are easy to sustain.

However, I mostly wanted to remind you that being in an Alliance isn’t only useful for boosts. It can also mean a significant boost to the amount of Gold you earn in battle, the top Alliance currently has a Gold Bonus of 68% (!!).

We will, of course, also build on the experience of being in an Alliance in the future.

Thanks for the constructive feedback, keep it coming!

Saving gold and invest gems to raise an alliance level to 40 + getting 40 loyal players to fight every day for the alliance + pushing them to donate on time + establishing a budget to self-sustain blessings is not what I would call an easy job. :slight_smile:

This is true but you this gold boost is already relatively high by joining any alliance. Basically, anyone with more than 1k trophies can join a top300 alliance and get 30% gold boost.


So at moment the advantage of being in the top alliance and an alliance ranked 300th is “just” 35% gold boost + a few blessings levels (counter-balanced by the cost of it)

I think it is a bit unfair at the moment that high level alliances are poorly rewarded for their efforts/investments.

I hope this will be taken into consideration during the alliance wars update future ameliorations that will build the experience of being in an alliance. :grinning:


By doubling the donation capacity of the uranus tower, players would have to fight more for the alliance (instead of themselves) while still being hard to self-sustain 3-4 blessings.

Since it costs gems to upgrade uranus towers, I don’t think that would be a revenue loss for devs… :confused: