DK: United Realms looking for active players

Hi fellow adventurers!

DK: UNITED REALMS are looking for active players to join our great group. We are an active alliance with lots of banter and fun, and we stand together shoulder to shoulder during conquests and wars. We are not world champions but we evolve together and discuss new game mechanics, trade tips&tricks and give feedback to fellow players. During conquest we always make a great effort regardless of the strength of the opposition.

Info about DKUR:
Rank: 311 (per October 1st. Has fluctuated with us being as low as 250th)
Level: 57
Defense beasts: Lvl 2 Celestial Phoebe (aiming for lvl3), Lvl 7 Archimedes/Growl/Bucky, 12 beasts in total
Permanent Boosts: Blazing knight, Storm Cannon, Stunning Ogre, Power Acrher and Tough Barricade.
Conquest tier: Veteran Explorers (2nd highest tier). Last conquest we finished 1st with 351 points - 30 points off promotion to the highest tier.
Spoken language: English only (we have many nationalities)

We have members from many different time zones and we strive for at friendly and helpful atmosphere. During conquest we make sure to find a role for all players regardless of level and abilities - we make sure you play an active role and have fun with conquest.

And you? Yeah, while we obviously would like some high level players to join, feel free to look us up if you are a newer player - activity level is more important than hero level :wink:

To join, just apply on our alliance page by searching DK: UNITED REALMS

Or contact one of our leaders:
Vallensbӕk Jr.
What difference does

Alliance HQ just upgraded to level 9. We mean business when it comes to conquest, so come and join the fun!

There is still time to join before next conquest!