Do Creators read these suggestions?

So I guess I’m gonna leave this here and link it into the main post… Hope you guys like where I’m trying to go with these development suggestions…

HELMET - Snorkeling Mask
Leadership - 1,750
Perk 1 - XP Boost - 33.3%
Perk 2 - Luck - 23.4%

CAPE - Oxygen Tank
Leadership - 1,900
Perk 1 - Scream Boost - 25.5%
Perk 2 - Gold Boost - 15.7%

ARMOR - Scuba Suit
Health - 2,500
Perk 1 - Speed Boost - 15.7%
Perk 2 - Lightning Shield - 1,400

PAULDRONS - Starfish
Health - 1,000
Perk 1 - Hero Health - 500
Perk 2 - Start Morale - 27.5%

WEAPON - Eelectric Whip
Damage - 400
Perk 1 - Lightning Damage - 333/1s
Perk 2 - Shockwave - 250

GLOVES - Webbed Fingers
Damage - 251
Perk 1 - Poison Damage - 666
Perk 2 - Life Drain - 33.3

RING - Stringed Baitworm
Perk 1 - Leadership Boost - 500
Perk 2 - Bait - 15%

BELT - Dead Fish
Perk 1 - Life Drain - 21.7
Perk 2 - Scourge - 999 toughness

BOOTS - Webbed Toes
Perk 1 - Speed Boost - 33.3%
Perk 2 - Poison Shield - 666


PERK - Bait %
Enemy units attack Hero % more than Hero’s units

UNIT - Scourge (Pirate Zombie) 
Morale Cost - 3
Blunt Damage - 250?
Health - 500?
Speed - 1.5s
Skeleton(s)/Cooldown - 1/15s
Attack Rate - 1s
Resistance - Lightning 100%
Resistance - Poison 100%
Weakness - Blunt 100%
Weakness - Ice 80%

SPELL - Shockwave
Lightning Damage - 999
Cooldown - 24s
Shock Duration - 3s
Range - 2
Knockback - 2

SCROLL - Skyquake
Blunt Damage - 5,000
Cooldown - 60s
Duration - 5s
Slowdown - 50%
Range - 5

TOWER - Alliance Runestone
Build Cost - 100 Gems
Health - 30,000
Resistance - Fire 100%
Resistance - Poison 100%
Weakness - Blunt 100%
Ability - Intimidate/Confusion 50%
Ability Range - 3

TRAP - Quicksand Portal
Build Cost - 2,500,000 Gold
Damage - 350
Health - 25,000
Resistance - Poison 100%
Resistance - Blunt 100%
Weakness - Ice 100%
Weakness - Lightning 100%
Ability - Summoning ??? Portal ???
Ability Range - 2
Ability Duration - 3.5 sec

(idea is to spawn hero & units so many tiles back until traps destroyed) 

PAL - Raijū (Lightning Cheetah)
Lightning Damage - 999
Range - 3
Attack Rate - 1s
Ability Range - 3
Damage - Shockwave
Shock Duration - 0.80s


Alliance Tower - Armory
A tab similar to the Alliance Donations tabs where players can barter items & resources with Alliance members once or twice per day. (Bartering system would work by making an offer to another player & waiting 12/24 hours for the other player to take it or make a counter offer, otherwise the offer would cancel out & a new offer could be made & any number of players could barter with the same one player, however that same one player may make an offer with one other player, regardless of the offers they have to take, counter or cancel.

[Additional - Flea Market Event for Alliances to barter among other Alliances]

Entering up to 3 friendcodes should be a type of reward at the end of Events aside from Uber Chests, to earn vouchers better. 

Alliance War Chatroom tabs for alliances to talk to other alliances from their current wars & one Chatroom for all alliances, limited to the number of active alliances in a season. 

Combine Forces option for winning Alliance to offer losing Alliance after each declared war, until the War Season ends, to combine fiefdoms & players (not alliances) & split earnings. Offering small gold, gem & voucher rewards for completing so many wars with combined forces, etc. Like a one time peace offering.

Small Treasure Chests found throughout maps during battle should have some sort of medium to hard Health amount with assorted weaknesses & resistances, to be destroyed as a way of opening them up for a surprise. Rather its an item, damage, a spell boost or some sort of resource earnings; but something other than sit there while towers collapse around then fail first try in the Chamber of Treasures. LOL

Appearances should include Green hair (not just Teal) & Full Purple Eyes (not just pink) make the gold eyes more gold than brown & perhaps a KISS type mask.

One last idea… a Pal War Event called King of the Jungle where Pals are units & units are Pals & Insta-Troops remain unchanged. (ex. Fritz = Froster, Eldrak = Pyromancer & Kaiser = Ogre, etc.) Where a Pal Melody Scroll could be introduced to compliment the Pal Flute, as well as Pal Boosts, activating 2nd abilities or activating their beast forms & Pal Flute/Melody would have opposing effect on them.

Just a combined list of ideas I’ve been waiting to share with everyone & felt today was a good day to. (Ice Cube Voice) Maybe the creators will send me something unique ?


However, thanks for your time & I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of these ideas

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@FTB (sorry for the tag!)

Really love this idea, awesome sketch to go with it as well!!

Could be like a summer festival!

thanks AK, felt a visual would help. I’m working on each item seperately, the Scourge’s, Raijū’s & it’s Beast form, also.

But I’m stuck on some of the statistics with everything & hope some other players can help a little bit… Like the Quicksand Portal & Rrrrr______ Raijū (Beast form)…??


Other idea I forgot was female units with morales to match the Knight, Archers, Paladins, Arblasters, Monk & Viking. I like the Banshee concept from @Maerique’s post, but I was also thinking of Fairies & Sirens… 

I was thinking a Fairy would be cool too!

l agree with you that they need units to balance the costs, I was considering things like that with my initial pitch. lightning weapon, rubber scuba suit armor resistant to lightning, unit similar to paladin & necromancer tower that didnt do damage similar to a trap… ultimately just felt i should try to design one of everything if i wanted to pitch a good pitch. instead of mad spells/scrolls or units or types of items 

I like the Idea with “Bait” could be either Aura or Spell.

Stink Aura from the fish could work as well. Like a poison arua. The advisor does say that Toxic Cloud “smells terribly awful”

Yes we read all the suggestions, no need to clickbait hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

We will definitely discuss these ideas for a future version :slight_smile:

Future version ???  @FTB

Well, do you expect, the implement it in the past version?

I say a future version because we can’t be sure if it can be the next version directly or a version after the next one, so yes: future ^^

i dont think the “future” part was in question as much as what @FTB meant by “versions” 


like future versions of the game or something (Royal Revolt 3???)

Okay I see, we have different versions of the game every update: 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8… and now 3.9

when could we expect 4.0?

Ahaha nice try

At least a try :wink:

“EASTER… eggs…” lol

ONE TIME DEAL - $19.99

Worker Package, Diver’s Uniform & Raijū



just had to throw that out there too