Do Medal Boost Items Work in the Dungeons?

Because mine doesn’t…

There you have your answer

Only normal alltack.

No multiplier works in dungeon except gold boost. E.g. no farm or medal perk

Unfortunately, no, @UberBiff. I can’t stand that it doesn’t work that way, but whatever. You get a ton of medals anyway. You’d think flare would implement this though, cause the chances are that your medal equipment is weaker than your dungeon gear, giving you a much more likely chance of spending gems in a dungeon

I think they just don’t want you to farm medals via dungeon, or have more tries by using farmer perks  :grinning:

Exactly as Shadow said. You could easily make thousands of medals in a couple of minutes if the perks would work there. Also, there are no videos for free bread there. 

With medals perk you can find on many Uber items. If the medals perk have work in dungeon.Farming over 1k,5k or 10k should be too much easy. So too much easy gems for players. So less revenue for Flare. So its the main reason why Medals perk don’t work there.

If you combine Medals Perk and Farm Perk some crazy players on android should be able to farm 100k medals and more to win like 50 times in a row Diamond League.With video ads who give free foods. Also some crazy people like to forge their stuffs at +450. So the medals perk will be too much OP in Dungeon