Do NOT use ThaBoss in atack

The problem comes when thaboss is more than 6-8.Just as the mummy, if you release too much of it …
Your troops will be blocked. And because thaboss stands when attacking the rest of the troops can`t go forward :slight_smile:  

I am on a break, but sure they must suck like  Flothaboss  does. Amp them with your gems, Flothaboss!!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, even four or five is enough to block troops. Useless in the attack. I wonder if so, how it will work a whole wave in defense?

Probably in defense work better since they have high range so they don’t need to move so often

I use them in the attack and are pretty damn good, I don’t want to say OP but yeah, if you use boosted frosters on daily basis and then get additional boost you feel like they are immortal :slight_smile: So sorry, I’m going to use them as much as possible :slight_smile:

surely Mag,…

In offense is good together with the dracofroster,in defence without the dracofroster

Of course, Mag.
But the others who were not so lucky, got a useless boost …

So Flare not worked out this because I do not think that they favored players like you :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:  

They are blocking the way indeed. You spawn 5-6 at the start, no more. They do an excellent job though. In defence they are even better, securing the chokepooint. Using them now.

Well, if I’m not mistaken, every war season those boosts benefit only a certain range of players, not all of us. They either benefit those who have won a war boost before and can have a double boost, either those alliances who can afford prolonging the boost, either those on top, either those on lower levels. Most of those special war boosts are good if you combine it with a war boost, if you couldn’t win the war boost then yeah, you are unlucky indeed. Nothing surprising here tbh, some will like the boost and find it super useful, the others will complain it is useless.

The last part was JOKE :slight_smile:  

Dragofrosters boost has already expired, so all are equal now with this Da boss boost.

What do you mean Edward ? It can still be prolonged for those who won it last war :slight_smile:

I hate you  top players and your rich alliances either !!! :angry:





But I would like to be in your place. :stuck_out_tongue:   ^_^  :grinning:

Upgrade ur alliance tower to max and ur lvl100 up,many alliance will invite u.

You forgot the “get 24% skullperk” part

Ahahaha,that’s true.

24% skull perk minimum is only for few alliances at top, though I’m pretty sure they would accept lower skull perk for being sure you do all battles against top players on each front and open all CoF :slight_smile:


Not only rich alliances can afford prolonging war boost/special boost. You don’t have to be THAT rich, if you are smart in choosing what boosts are more important, which are worth prolonging and if you are good at finding ways to save gold you can from time to time treat yourself with special boost. Though of course, it is easier when you happen to max your alliance and you can purely save gold, instead of spending it on new levels. And of course, high daily donation from all members is the most important thing, if you happen not to put effort into yout daily donation, you cannot expect you will be able to afford all the awesome boosts. Also, if you happen to have quite good donation but for some reason you decide to stay in a lower alliance who doesn’t improve that much, you can blame only yourself, you choose, for example, friends over stronger boosts, it’s your decision and you should be happy with it. Ukikotek, with your 250k donation (I checked :wink: ) I’m sure you could move forward into higher level alliance, but if for some reason you are attached to your current alliances there’s nothing to complain about it. I bet we all made or will make that decision at certain point, great alliance members/friends are more important that stronger boosts.

Yes Mag it` all thru :slight_smile:

…again :slight_smile:  
and again :slight_smile:  
I was trying to be funny, again … :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue:

24% sp is a bit too high for a minimum dont you guys think ? Its more around 19% preferably but some players are accepted with 10% cuz they are good.

Anyway, ThaBoss in waves blocked my wolf and other unit and theres only two of them on the lane !!! Pissed me off when testing my base