do we need new hero lvls?

hi guys,

as mentioned in the septembers answers of devs i wanna find out what a small part of the community (which is active in forum here) thinks about it.


to remember the answer from devs:

Question: What’s the goal of players once they reached hero ** lvl ** 130? Is Flaregames intending to increase hero levels?

Dev Team Answer: After players have reached hero level 130, there are goals such as Conquest Mode, Pro League, Leaderboard or simple the social aspect of the game. Currently, there are no short-term plans to raise the hero level, but if we feel there is a need to do that (for example through a thread in the forum), we can look into this.


so for me, as i am a lvl130 player, the answer is not satisfying.

i honestly say, may time in game here decreases day by day becquse it makes no longer sense to attack anyone outside of war/conquest mode. even luck farming got socboring that i don’t waste my time on it anymore.

sooner or later i will quit if there are new lvls (- as many other lvl130 players think.


iDON’T ask for better items with new hero lvls, new hero lvls could have many improvements like:

  • x percent mor power in atack/defense

  • x perfcent more xp, luck, gold,… in raidinfg

  • x percent higher donation of dily alliance gold


i guess there would be many things to keep players gaining xp.

so what you guys (the small part of community which is active here in the forum) think about it?

I am also LV 130 but having a perfect level MAX gear is not my identity in this game.

I want to affirm myself to play for becoming much stronger.

I think RR 2 is the game to play like that.


I’m also 130 for a while now. When I look at other players, especially at high trophy level, it feels like everyone is max level. I don’t understand why they say that it’s not necessary to add more hero levels. Ofc, I don’t really wanna farm XP anymore, but, right now there is no reason at all to raid outside of the events, adding new hero levels would at least change that aspect. To me, it is very much necessary

And the things they have listed as what you can do after level 130 are just S T U P I D. Conquest is once every three weeks, so it’s nothing that makes you wanna play daily. Pro league is 35 minutes, doesn’t make you play daily either, leaderboard, OK, been first a couple times, but for many that’s unreachable. Also nothing you can just go for at max level, especially cause after a while, you gain a couple trophies, but lose 10+ on one attack, no fun then. All in all, new hero levels are very much needed

Is there not collecting/forging/reforging gear for various builds and making new/upgrading/forging towers at max level? To me, max level would be when the ‘new’ game begins, because then you can have truly max gear and therefore ‘restart’ your grinding. Gear means nothing until you are max level, and forging means nothing to me until my spells and troops are max forged. There is almost an infinite amount of things you can do with defense and gear if you wanna have some crazy bases and builds. Those are my plans at least, the pearl farming will never end for me.

I have a level 130 king too. But I never was a “xp- farmer”. Just the long time in this game and the weeks in spring took me to level 130. 

Personally I think there has to be a chance for new players. I think it would be discouraging for new players to see such high level kings.

I vote “no - please not!”. I hope Madlen will answer to my questions about “warrior package” towards the end of October.

great - my intention was not that every “non-130-hero” will vote for no new levels without leaving a comment



thx for your answer, i feel exactly the same,you summed it up pretty well, thx for that

it is enough to stop by in the game just to collect free chests…not the kind of thing for what i’d play the game

my units, spells and towers are all forged > 100x

most of them even >130x


so nothing left to do and no pearl farming needed (thats why i stopped it). of course i ouod build up 20 towers of ever kind, but thats same useless…

Hi there,

interesting discussion :slight_smile:

If they will add the new levels i think many( include me) will leave.

i dnt want the new levels

i dnt want the new items( 140 level) with new scull perks and etc


forget it please

cromka better read (and understand) what i was writing


items should stay untouched!!!


new hero lvls could contain other benefits -NOT better items!!!

if you want to get more levels just for the sake of it, I don’t think it s a good idea, you can set some goals to achieve personally if you want ?

Main benefit from levels is stronger gears and stronger beast in def.

I don’t need stronger gears and my beast is strong enough…so for me no need to have more levels.

I m just fighting for leagues to get gems and being able to upgrade my conquest buildings…after that I ll continue to get more gems for the next things that will require gems as always ?


maybe you can tell me which goal i should have?!

everythig max, everything perked > 100x


sorry, but the list of things to do of madlen is like a slap in my face…thereis nothing about that keeps me playing (and for the social part i don’t need an online game)

Not having specific defenses for specific boosts is your choice, as with any game there is often no shortage of things to do, just the motivation is not there to play them. Same is true for literally hundreds of thousands of other games that are out right now and have ever been out and ever will be out. Why aren’t you playing them instead? It’s the problem of being a video game, not a problem with RR2. I’m not asking you to leave, I’m asking you to enjoy the ‘little things’ and have fun with the game if you really want to enjoy the game.

Have a base made entirely of skull towers and jester boxes just to freak somebody out, or spam gargoyle towers with double gargoyle boost along with new snake tower boost. There’s plenty of fun to be had, plenty of defenses to create unless you don’t want to create defenses, you just want to leave defense alone and just attack which then yes, I understand there is little to find in attacking anymore short of pearls and gold, none of which you need if you feel you’ve maxed everything and obviously don’t need xp. If you just want to stick with a single defense and want a reason to attack, try to hold top 10, top 5, top 3 or #1 and see how long you can if you want the very best defense and reason to attack (trophies).

Otherwise I don’t have much idea, the tournaments don’t interest me much myself. What are you looking for? Another reason to attack aside from xp and to not have alternate towers/builds for your defense? I feel you haven’t really stated what you want, just what you’re not getting (more xp). XP was your desire to attack and it’s gone so… that was your personal goal I get. You had none others while leveling? Just to get to 130 and nothing else in RR2 aside from level up and figured you would unlock the ‘end game’ of doing the same stuff we’ve been doing while leveling and request the endgame content in this thread to be more leveling? I’m really trying to understand your interpretation of game design and the big picture here. It’s kind of confusing to me, if it’s not clear. Best of luck regardless, hope we all find what we’d like to be happy with the changes.

I think what you’re really asking for is something very similar to Diablo III cutcher, so in reality you’re not asking for a level system at all, but a separate system such as ‘mastery’ levels very similar to that game. Where you have same max level gear, same everything, just can do the same things faster and better.

Totally agree a mastery system would be a good idea to keep max level players interested in general attacks and xp gear. I don’t think it should impact attack or defense, but things like donation amounts, luck, gold, etc to make all the rest of that ‘endless possibility’ more easy I do think is a great idea. Re-reading your post I understand what you mean now, but don’t think you communicated it clearly that you want something that isn’t more levels, but something else to gain AFTER getting to max level.

Another good game to look to keeping players interested after getting max levels and rewards is Heroes of the Storm. I find that game to have reasons to keep coming back, but RR2 has kept me for other reasons.

Sorry about the misunderstanding and hope others catch on!

When did you start this game? I started in early February 2017. Maybe you can maximize all your pals at level 10.

If I was maxed at lvl 130 of course I would say yes, but as I’m not the answer from me is no. No brainer question really…

130 here! I Vote noplease! Its a no sense, for all who are complaining for more levels they will reach the same problem in less than a few months so i dont see increase levels like a  solution

i have vote also no please not for many reason :

1.For me its not the same like a RPG or hack and slash like Diablo games. in Triple AAA games you can play 2 hours,5, or 8 hours a day and up a character at level 60 in 1 day. So after have a other system like masteries,etc… or like many online game I have play like Aura Kingdom or Angel online with 200 levels can be done in few weeks if you paid a little and buy triple or quadruple XP card for 1 hour duration,etc …

in RR2 more level you have and more discouraging its become. Without XP perk gear you gain if you are lucky maybe 20k,40k a raid? so if you want to level up just of 1 level you need to do like 1000 battles if no more. is just crazy. This game force you to use a full set of XP Gear at 150%,200% or 300% or close for leveling fast. Without that I don’t think its possible. Maybe but you must be really patient without XP Gear

its this side of the game who make me play less often than 3 years ago. Now that i have play over 3 years. Leveling my Hero don’t attract me anymore. I just do the special event and nothing more. No more raid or else. Probably not a side of the game who attract new player anyway. its the main reason why I still at level 85 at this moment

2.Because if you think about new players. I am sure they are not attracted by this. So if you up the level at level 140,150,160 or reach level 200. its obvious no one will play over 1 year or 2 year just to try to up at maximum. Probably they will quit after a while.Everyone who reach level 130 did it because you have play over 3 or 4 years without that that demand a lots of effort and time demanding. If you want to level up fast you must play morning,afternoon,evening,etc… So not really good for a person who is busy with a family and a job

  1. Its not this side of the game I don’t considering fun to play but more the rest Ninja Event,War,Dungeon,etc… leveling up not really. Find new gear like Uber and Pro gear yes. I like to find,acquire put strong gear to a perso like in Diablo. I was never a fan of the leveling system in RR2. No event with double XP or no event with X4 XP during weekend like MMORPG online remove all the fun to the game. Without any event regularity. RR2 force you to use XP Gear and for me its not what I considering fun

So for me 3 aspect make me hate to see more level but can change if some change its done by Flare in future  :

1.Bad XP system ( Not enough XP without XP gear)

2.New players will not like it and this will not keep new player in the game. Probably will hurt more RR2 if they up the number at 140,150 or more

3.Too much time demanding for a mobile game

However I will have no objection if Flare decide to give us on a regular basis event during weekend with double XP or XP X4 so player can raid in Fight gear and not be forced to use XP Gear 24/7 like other game do like Angel online, Aura Kindgom,etc… 

I know its pretty easy to level up with XP gear at 170% and more that give 1 level each 4 days but only if you crazy to play RR2 all day. Without that its close 1 level a week

I don’t know I don’t think its a good idea. I am not attracted by game who have 150,200 or 500 levels and demand 2 or 3 years of gameplay. I was attracted by this long time ago but anymore

So if Flare want to add level 140,150 and more only if they add at the same time regular basis weekend Double,triple and quadruple XP event like other online game do without that forget it




thanks for your post, seems like i couldn’t point it out before.

i guess anyway many players just read new lvls and have in mind that their heavily perked items beome worthless…but thats not my intention of this poll