do we need new hero lvls?

no more levels.

am an active ‘leveler’ and could easily grind it out to 130. easy. but i have lists of victims, and have enough skill to look at a base and hero and guesstimate the exp gained.

at a burned out hump in my leveling. there are definitely peaks and valleys in leveling, and im stuck at 109 with goal of 111 and have found zero initiative to get there.

my goal was 109 during ninja, got that, and 111 before conquest over… not so sure that will happen.

  1. there are fewer and fewer people to choose from as i maximize exp per food. they seem to be leaving the game very fast nowadays.

  2. there are no exp special days or weekends like community week to give me a recharge and surge 10 levels, or more. so its tedious.

  3. have zero intention of continuing after 111, maybe even 110 now, unless its during an exp event.

  4. seem plateaued at how much exp i can get per fight anyways, and i have +278% exp gear with 2 speed items.

  5. monotony in any game at any level for longer than finite goals will destroy game, mind and soul.

and most importantly, any normal human being would be bored at playing a game for 3-4 years, unless they were paid cash money to do so. seems natural.

so quit, and walk away, or quit and start over. hell, you dont even have to get rid of old account in this game, you can keep it cheat at pro and run a slew of multis and no one will say a thing. 

one account at a time for me, but i can walk away from 110 forges like they meant nothing anyways. why? because it is more fun for me to rebuild than sit there and piss and moan about ‘why i broke the game for myself and others, and how much worse i can make it for everyone else because im bored and all i do is piss and moan.’


no to more levels.