Do you farm people who leave your alliance?

As an Alliance leader you get a confirmation of people who leave the alliance making it a sort of secondary favorites list.


And honestly I mercilesly do farm certain people who leave my alliance.


There’s always someone to take their place but it’s annoying from the point of view of a smaller alliance when someone uses you as a stepping stone. And I guess they have the right to leave, and I have the right to farm them lol.



What do you think?

Sounds cruel

Sounds childish to me - how fitting! :wink:

They had their reasons for leaving. And if they wanted to annoy you with it, they surely will be happy to see how successful they were!

I do this as well… It just feels so nice doing it

was tempted to farm but nah , most that leave are not worth it to farm

once upon a time a new member came to me. they had to leave an alliance to do so. his old leader was doing this to him and it left him feeling very vulnerable as we wasn’t strong enough to attack back


in response I coordinated an assault with the rest of my members against the leader and the alliance


long story short they don’t bother my member anymore :grinning:

I still choose the base with high medal or gold (depend if I need gold or medal), don’t really care who farmed me or who leave the guild.

Hi guys,


I think, farming is a good thing - when we (HUNS) have free slots for members I invite a lot of times our old members (although there are only a few who left the alliance and do not want to come back).

I had to kick a lot of members due to inactive status, but I always check within 2 weeks and 4 weeks if they are still inactive or not and when we have a possibility I invite them back.


But that is how I manage the alliance - I think in the TOP10 alliances there is no ‘inactive’ problem. :slight_smile:



same here

Most time i play over Matchmaker to get the Bonus.

don’t buy it eh??


first off I have more trophies than you…


secondly, my alliance is not very far off your alliance…


and thirdly you realize there are about 300000 players in this game meaning a large majority of the population has less than 2000 trophies

The only player who ever used my alliance as a stepping stone spent real money to donate 1,000,000 before he left. So I’ve never had this problem. But as Kenny said, watch out, because they may call on another player to counter-farm you.

Lol someone in this thread is incredibly butt hurt… Can you tell who it is??

“Butt hurt”? Lets get back on track with the topic and keep the antagonistic comments out of it.

Being revengeful hasn’t really helped anyone in the long run. I farm people based on what loot//trophies they offer to me, that’s all that matters. That’s my way of reaching the top one day.   


To me it looks you are the butt hurt. Teh kenster defended himself for being called a liar for what? because he’s a middle level player like you? Grow up

Interesting post

Sure, if someone leaves your alliance, he’s just like anybody else, and if he has good loot, nothing speaks against a visit.

But permanently attacking someone because he left your alliance? Nope, not advisable…


I agree with several others: Farm based on loot, not on past relationships!

That’s more efficient, less mean to those who leave (or get fired out of) your alliance for whatever reason, and you don’t risk massive revenge attacks.


So, whatever way you put it, it’s no use to farm someone just because he left your alliance.

Hi guys,


As I have seen we have 2 different meanings of farming ex-members.

  1. Farming means take care of them and watch their ‘after-life’ and even help him and / or call them back.

  2. Farming means attacking ex-members for gold (as you collect gold from your farms).


In our alliance farming has the first meaning, so we do care of our ex-members and we do not attack them just because of leaving the alliance.