Do you love Soccer? Join Soccer Kings!

       Greetings, my dear Friends!!!         

                 We are a new alliance and is currently expanding our base in the Kingdom Of Royal Revolt. If you share the same hobby and interest as us (being a huge soccer fan) and is a fun loving and active RR2 player, Join us Now! @ Soccer Kings 

We will have permanent elite boosts (24 / 7): blazing knights, archers, barricades and storm cannons   as soon as we reach Alliance Level 10 and 12 Members.


If you think you have what it takes, join us as a General! You must be ACTIVE, LOYAL, and good at recruiting people. Your level should be at least 50 and donates at least 50,000.   Simply add me " mnmmmmama" to apply. Hurry, we only have 5 slots left, first come first served!


Current Generals:

  1. Candy King20



For Everyone Else That Like to Have Fun and Love Soccer Feel Free To Join:


Alliance Name: ** Soccer Kings**

Alliance Level: 5

Main Language: ** English**

Minimum ** Alliance Tower’s Donation: 10,000**





Leader Of Soccer Kings 

And Big Fan Of FC Barcelona