Do you plan (ever) on retiring from RR2?

Just something I’ve been wondering…

Edited poll to allow multiple choice on reasons. 



I didn’t know you could edit our posts! I knew you could delete them, but…  :lol:

if they keep on updating the game bring new stuff like alliance war, I won’t quit but if the game die then i will quit after I achieve my goals. :slight_smile:

The only reason I would quit is if it became to hard to grow as an alliance… I play the game because I like it but I improve and grind through because my alliance

I selected other because you don’t have any reasons there for never quitting!!

I picked other…RR3 enough said lol :slight_smile:

Do I have to plan this? Don’t think so.

As long as it’s more fun/entertaining than the alternatives I’ll keep playing, otherwise there’s no reason to continue.


Unfortunately my interest in RR2 has decreased lately - or more exactly shifted to other games. Just hoping the alliance wars can bring some motivation back for me…


I’m taking this into consideration…

I want the Alliance prices to be lower, not higher because not everyone has a lot of gems,y’know?

I’ll retire once I don’t have time to play this game… :slight_smile:

As soon as i will have a job and i’ll work probably, i won’t have time to play, and also if i get engaged i don’t think my future girlfriend will be proud seeing me play all day  :wink:

Realistically, there is a limit to how far you can go before you’re either paying real money (which I am never going to do) or essentially commit your life to the game. The whole setup to the game essentially forces you to play at certain intervals of the day, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I think it tends to get people more committed to the game. For example, suppose you are trying to earn 3 mil, and you earn 2 mil and run out of food, so you throw on a 3 hr gold shield. Then you are forced to play again in three hours if you don’t want to lose your gold, not to mention waste your gold shield. I plan on retiring for good once I reach the point where RR2 is starting to take priority over the more important things in my life. I mean, seriously, the level 6 skull tower will not get me As on my finals. (Not that I have a level 6 skull tower.)


And it’s just my two cents, but I don’t think RR3 would be a good idea.



I really like the game and won’t quit soon, but I will probably just run out of time to play it.