Do you really think this is the result of skill-based game design?

For sure it is ??


If you autoreplace the word ‘skill’ by ‘gems’, the whole rebalancing-explanation makes sence.

Even RL has probs to raid my base, no necro boost, no LT boost, no BT boost, easy base Design…

this is all ridiculous…


Flare didn’t do that huge offense nerf to get balance. They did it to make rich and very old players (that have had the time to forge their defense to +80) from the top alliances happy. 

I had a top 2 alliance lose on my base outside of a alliance. I don’t understand how that happened.

than its about time that finally we got good defence, stop crying ? 

There are 3 free players in your picture.

may be its time for the apologies?


Finally Top players are where they wanted. I hope that gap will be growing very fast.

Hej Cromka!

My post wasn´t about free-player or payed players.

It was about the declared goal of those developers to design a more skill-based gameplay.

I didn´t want to blame Vanguard players.



All of us know, Vanguard Legion has the most powerfull Boosts, the strongest Beasts etc…

And what do you see? Some days after the update 4.0, two days after introducing the new Conquestboosts there are only Vanguard players in top ten (except Riuroni Kenshin at No. 10).

  • BTW: I think game will become boring for Vanguard Legion and other top Alliances! All of us need opponents to have fun. -


So I intended to show the devs the result of their Balance changes:

This game is less skill-based than ever. It´s all about the defenceboosts.


Good job, DEVS! You totally missed your goal!!!


The VL have the best players( lets say mostly te best), the best defs, the best boost in the game.

what do you think who need to be in top 10 then? Another players without boosts, without perked bases and etc?


game for VL is not boring and never was. We have a lot of goals, enemies and etc


BUT none in VL like this defence boosts. We faced the same problems as everyone .

i can do like. 30% of raids scroll free only.

i dntblike it

Haha ?



Personally I think that a well balanced game should allow all players to reach top ten.

A few weeks ago it was possible without “Vanguard-Boosts”, I saw _r17, pepw, … not only Vanguard players

Obviously this won´t be possible anymore

top 10 is for having fun, +/- 10 battles and they can switch places.

They already censored my post :-))) tags are deleted.

I will repeat.

I don´t care about their rules ?

So, you’r not a player, you’r a payer. I use scrolls 0% of times. I really don’t understand where is the fun in being the best credit card in game. You are the strongest, until someone will spend more than you. You are first on rank but nothing to me, you are only the best credit cards, not players.

i do 90% of my raid scroll free ? 

btw, i love this update, i use different combo/pel/spells

and yes VL need to be first, i don’t see what’s the problem… 

hope flare will not nerf defense again :slightly_frowning_face:

I have a good combo for bases now, but no blunt, gate towers laugh at me (although even with blunt, gate towers laugh because blunt is so useless now).

Another 6 gate tower war season ?

You could use different combos/pets/spells before the update as well. Nobody blocked you from using that. 

That’s not a good argument in favor of the “balance changes”.