Do you want boosts?

We are one of the fastest growing alliances in the game. We are only 100 days old and already level 60

The main team  (Master Me Me) is level 60 with 7  boosts 24/7, plus all 3 war boosts. We hope to be level 65 within 2 month and will have all boosts going.We require Alliance Towers of 500k and up, Do all 10/10 battles and be over level 90.

The 2nd team(THE MM FAMILY) is just over a week old and is level 29 with 4 boosts going 24/7. Knights, Wolves, Barricades and Bomb Tower. Will be more going in war. This team requirement are 100k Alliance Tower(Daily Donation) and to fight in war. We don’t have trophie and level requirement here yet. Still have spots here.

If you are interested please reply here.