Do you want trading?

Should we implement a trading system in the game?

Would think that this would create many problems for in game dynamics. Also there would have to be a monetary benefit for Flare.

Do you realize that there is a search option? Similar topics have been opened a long time ago and there is explained why flare will never implement this.

This. Pretty sure there is a poll on it too.

Here are some links

There are dozens of these topics as you can see. There even have been topics with complete explanations why this will never be implemented. Main reason is that everyone could get relative easy items they are looking for and flare would lose a lot of cash due to this.


Here the answer from flare


He might be like me LAZY. Also they are new why beat them up over this. This forum could be setup better for searches or prompt you to those previous post. Also who wants to read crap from 2 years ago that has no bearing on the game today? 

In fact it’s not even more than half a year ago that most of those topics were opened. The search option is on top to the right, but it seems to be more easy to hit that plus sign it seems. Just entering the simple word of market in the search box costs less energy than opening a topic.

Some suggestions like this have been done that many ties that lost counting. 

Chances are that he wouldn’t put market, cause that’s not what he suggested. He suggested trading, and so he would put in trading in the search box and get nothing

Enter the word trade in there and search all content. Did you? Nope, since even then a lot of topics appear. With all respect, the topic starter did an amazing 9 (wow…I am impressed) responses so far. And one of them was opening a topic that is obsolete.

I made my point, now you imagine you are CM or flare staff, what would you do? I would tell you that there are numerous other similar topics and I would close this one. And then some of you out there start a vendetta against the one who closed the topic. And in my case, I am quoted with intention to change my point of view.

Incorrect action, before opening a topic, search first if there is one that has same suggestion, it’s as simple as that. We needto work together, flare staff and forum members, then we can make the best of the game.

Yeah, I totally get what your saying Dena, but this is quite often the case with new members on the forum. They aren’t gonna go digging up topics that they don’t know have been made. For a rookie on the forums, the first thing that comes to mind is to just make the topic and hope the community likes it. Trust me, I remember from last year lol. If you remember, my first ever post was making a topic called: New Tower - Stun Tower LOL. I can’t believe I made that  

I have learned the hard way in life, but now try to get that gem of information from people who one would assume has no value in information to give at all, but actually provides a wealth off ideas and thoughts that can be useful. Sadly this forum should have automatic archives set up so that at a specific time frame those threads are separated into usable data searches in archives keeping only current posts. Then someone could go to archives which would be broken into categories and check there first. 

Anyway Flare have more chance to add contain if the same topic is open 50 times than just 1 time. Its not great for the forum healthy but Moderators just have to learn to use Merge if its necessary and possible

Another way to view it is that they could make it like insta troops which would be insta gear donation system in which could then be monetized by Flare.

Would take some figuring on balance issues but could work.

I think there should be a system in trading market for items, tickets, pals, etc.

Like for pals there should be something that some certain  no. of pals donated by other players will give you 1 pal (the one pal that you don’t have or even if you have).

Trading was used in the Middle Ages, it’d fit perfectly here. You can sell items to other players (only friends and alliance members) for a price. Once you’ve settled on a deal, one player gets the item, ticket, etc. and the other player gets the gold, gems, or vouchers

This is exactly what a moderator should do. Merge those topics. 

oh jeez, i might delete this post 

Everyone want a market or a trade systems. Sometime its a pain to sacrifice a wonderful item when you can make someone happy and more stronger in your alliance. How many time I have hear someone search luck perk items and don’t find any when I have find it by dozen. How many time someone searshing for skulls perk and find nothing when i have my old one that I can give or sell,etc… 

All MMORPG online have trade and sells systems via a personal shop or via NPC shop. This feature should have been in the game since 2.5.0 with Uber Chest added in the game