Does alliance level matters for buffs?

Hi ladies and gents,

As far as I know, higher alliance level unlocks more buffs. Besides that, does it increase the duration and strength of buffs?  (The information on alliance from the official guide/FAQs are too general so I need to seek helps here.)

Because donations are limited at the early stage of growing an alliance, as a general I have to make decisions on whether I upgrade the alliance level or invest in buffs daily. So far my alliance is level 13. From my point of view, given that only 2 of my member have access to cyclops, I might better not to upgrade to level 14 to unlock buffs on cyclops, if alliance level does not affect duration and strength of buffs.

What do you think?

Thank you you in advance. Cheers!






Alliance level does not affect duration of blessings. Level can unlock higher levels of blessings though.

However, you probably need to balance spending on blessings and growing the max members of your team, which is related to alliance level.

hope that helps.

Hey there,

You can have a look at this guide with more information regarding the Divine Blessings!