does any one else wonder ?

so I constantly wonder who is the best raider in the game not by looking on the leader board but actually having an arena where we can go  the base,and waves stay the same but get harder at each level with the last level being a totally super maxed path of defeat with a death spewing castle of destruction :)  once clicking this option we shed our gaming armour and everyone wears the same set of armour that doesn’t get any better when advancing threw the levels . we do get to choose what spells we will use and they are all maxed form level 1 and therefore give us all an advantage in earlier levels but as we progress it becomes apparent who is the better raiders due to gameing skill and spell choice. obviously the stats will increase with each level but the players have the comfort of knowing that the playing field is basicly as fair as it can be .we would also choose our troops  which like the spells would be boosted… Perhaps the devices we play on will be a  factor but a good tradesman doesn’t blame his tools :stuck_out_tongue:   … SO what do ya reckon ladies & gents            , The reason I wrote this is , Iv heard that the leaderboard " can " be manipulated I AM NOT ACCUSEING ANYONE of this but I do know that my position in the game is not always dictated by my raiding skills or lack of 

PS/ I think that the raider who doesn’t scroll takes position over a raider that does and that the scrolls are also free in the arena .


It’s a known method among the top players to help their friends in climbing to the top of the leaderboard. But staying there is a big problem, cause there will always be other “friends” that will strip you of your trophies.

It’s a good idea though Bubba, why can’t we have a ring (special neutral alliance) where players can raid each other one on one, boostless.

so what you want in fact, is …  a complete other  game, or a game in game (which probably nobody would play)

as it is now, this game is like life… it brings you lots of frustrations because life is not fair :rolleyes:

Micky’s comments always make me laugh  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Me too

The leaderboard have always been a fraud lmao 

The best raider, if you ask me will always be Alikington.If someone said the best is Flothaboss or Pelle, I will just destroy them lol maybe theres someone better lower down the rank but if you dont compete with the best you cant claim to be the best

Alikington will be the best raider when he stops failing at my base. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

At least he doesn’t fail my base ???

I think nobody do a perfect raid all the time.Even shyong and tin1187 failed a lot during their time.But over the 2 years, Alikington been super consistent and versatile both offensive and defensively.There might be some Vn player better but most are now banned, so you have to question if they are legit or not.Most probably no.There might also be another good player atm but less known but I cant think of anyone who are consistent.Most player drop after war update sadly, hard to keep up even I cant keep up.


Nah im not the best raider but yeah, i think i failed on your base first try in 3 tests when i was training pyro combo first time, but I dont need to “stop failing” cause I beat you several times :slight_smile:  

:wink: :wink: :wink:

Good luck to NA winning this war 1st so you wouldnt need to raid with unboosted pyro anymore  :grinning:

I hope I dont see NA guy complaint again when lose 2v1 map hmm

Beat my base or not is not the right way to determine best raiders.

Different alliances keep different boosts and season boosts. Also, their boosts level vary according to their fiefs count and alliance level.

The only right way to determine a good raider is to hold a neutral duel. Both players step out of their alliances and then attack each other. One of them must be offline, then the other.

Good base should be able to stand strong and to survive without any boosts. Good raider should be able to beat any base without using any boosted troops.

We are in the middle of a season now, but after it ends, let’s see who dares to call anyone out of his alliance and to declare a duel.

My assumption: You are all chicken! :slight_smile: Us, the free players, who are used to raid and defend not relying on any boosts, will eat you for breakfast.

Even unboosted it won’t determine who is best raider, since some can have used a lot of cash to forge troops, spells towers and so on. Also items can influence the outcome, so even that must be taken away.

A copy of the dungeons can be used as example. All players get same gears, same life points, same level of spells plus troops. No scrolling allowed. Just use the set that is given to you to defeat the levels. you can chose your spells and troops before raiding. Every level max one attempt. When you score 100% you even get time left as extra bonus.

At the end there will be one player having the highest score, he can declare himself raider of the month. Only… I don’t see this implemented. So for now we won’t know who is best raider.

“the raider of the month” … OMG… will his/her picture then be on display in Flares canteen ?


can  we also have a contest of the best dressed raider of the month, where the winner receives 200 diamonds ?



I like your dress Micky, lol, yellow… Chicken… :slight_smile:

No, his picture will be put as a bonus on the latest pokemon hype game. Other players with a royal revolt 2 account can then desperately go searching for this raider of the month :stuck_out_tongue: .

Lmao Ed talking like theres no free players in top 5 alliance and top 100 individual leaderboard ? they’ll smack your base even without boost

Yes Fii, you are right on this one. There are many excellent raiders at the top who also play for free. But like said, many players get too dependent on the super boosts, instead of improving their defense strategy and raiding skills.

Come on Fii, don’t be so shy… :slight_smile: You want to beat the sh*t out of me for a long long time… Let’s go. I can challenge you even more, let’s go one on one without barricades. Clean path with no obstacles. Towers and waves only. I offer my only partly maxed intermediate base with intermediate non maxed waves for this challenge, against your maxed base.

Free players rule!