Does Anybody Here Watch Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu

Anybody else like it?


My favourite ninja is lloyd garmadon :slight_smile:

@jayfire:I cant believe you actually would open a topic like this

silver just give him a break…

hes the leader we have to put pressure on him, and i like it when he gets frustrated with us, hehe good times

My favorite ninja is Jay oh by the way my name is a mix of Jay and Kai Jay fire get it?

Have you watched the tournament of elements yet?mOH MY GOSH SO AMAZING MY FAVORITE SEASON OF ALL TIME SO FAR.

wierd source of our decently cool sounding alliance name, right?

Yep I’m a gigantic Ninjago fan so it was only proper my alliance and username are part of Ninjago

@Jayfire: I always thought your name had something to do with Ninjago. Now I know for sure! :slight_smile:


Yes, I have watched some of “Masters Of Spinjitzu”. Although, not much…

grow up Mr. E :stuck_out_tongue:

but people would still like too

Mister E,who is your favorite ninja?

Hmm… Good question… probably Zane, as I like both the color and the “element” - look at my profile pic!  :wink:

zane should be master of water and jay should be master of?

Jay master of air, because that’s the only element left?  :huh:

I guess so :unsure:

hey did you know that lloyd is voiced by a girl?