Does anyone feels that pro-fire bolt tower is little bit over power??

i feel that pro-fire bolt tower is little over powered (in the sense of confusing the enemies). When iam going to raid pro-fire bolts are quickly turning my army into enemies they are fighting themselves and fighting with hero also move over they killing the hero in no time. When our wolf turned into energy it is howling and raising the power opponents defence and army this is the main issue regarding to me. Does anyone feeling this?? pro fire bolts are over powered a bit?? 

Bro if you will compare the current Pro FBs with the ones we get for the first time these are nothing, so for me, they are ok not that much overpowered.

Well what is the use of them if they are not doing their job i.e. confusing the enemy.

Bro they (firebolt) doing their job but they are doing very oftenly. if that timing  is reduced then it would be helpful

I think the defenders will have different thought on the same!

Pro FB are very effective against some troups. Other troups do a better job. 

If you raid with ogres a base full of FB you will never win. 

Try using boosted archer for instance. They should be immune to confusion! 

Its easy to win every base with ogres(

not big deal

That’s why they called   Pro-

No bro. Its completely fine how it is. They have never been as much disturbing as in the beginning. 

May be the base you are raiding is higher.

Wow, everyone is a brother in here. That’s the kind of community I like :lol:

As others have been saying @mohan975, if you don’t like it now, you would’ve hated it at the beginning. It was way to OP when it first came out. Honestly, I think it’s almost useless now. Other than a few cases of offensive troops turning to the defense, the chances are that you will take down the tower before it turns anyone to defense

They are certainly difficult if you raid with Ogres and use spells and other troops that don’t easily take down firebolt towers.

Firebolt towers with the Pro boost are only overpowered IF you do not play with a low morale troop (Knight, Archer, Paladin). You don’t even need firestorm. 

You have to adapt your play style. 

Be happy we have something decent in defense. the rest is so so… Pro Firebolt bring something interesting and fun. I prefer raid someone full of Pro Firebolt same if with Firestorm and Kaiser you destroy them easily than a boring defense with Arrow Tower,Bomb Tower and co

For me that look like the Nyx Tower in OR. Fun to raid and can be a little challenge. I like it