Does anyone knows ?

I’m wondering if anyone knows how the perks really works. What I mean is how the value shown as a add up to your Blizzard let’s say works. On my belt is shown 5200 and I really doubt that is real. With a 8000+ Blizzard I would have take out in one strike lots of skulls. Which is not the case. Not even 1.So any clues ? OH not to mention that on my crown I also have it as perk but the value is much less, about 3000+

Click attack, there click select spells, and you’ll see your real value of Blizzard (differ from magic tower)

I saw that one .That is why I asked.Was hoping someone from Flare will finally break their silence since they never explained what’s going on.

Pointless exercise. But thank you for your input.Any idea is valuable and appreciated.

Cant expect them to bother explaining anything we want to know sadly… but true :confused: