Does Artemis have unique items?

Hi @CaptainMorgan,

Does Artemis have any unique item ? Other heroes have two unique items each and the third one is Apple of discord.I am curious to know about it as I have unlocked her last week.

I would assume that either she already does have unique items, or they’re coming very soon if not.

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Well I am really interested in knowing whether Artemis have unique items or not.I can tell you this her all gears are titan hero items as I have unlocked her last week.She is really powerful.

I am hoping anyone from Flaregames might be able  to tell us about it.

Maybe we can all brainstorm what some fun uniques for Artemis would be. 


My suggestion is “The Comfy Boots of Artemis” that are like normal boots she’d wear, except not made of wood or whatever weird thing her boots are made of. It would grant her movement speed. 

“The Bow of Wild Hunt”… For Odysseus feels lonely carrying a useless piece of wood with him, so why not have someone else doing it?

a unique item for Artemis could be glasses to make them use the powers in the right direction when surrounded by enemy units and always use the powers in the wrong direction  

Glasses are good but for better accuracy I propose “Tiara of Precision” or “Crosshair Tiara”. Tiara is a cool name. It sounds like Tara. @flaretara

She’s the second fastest Hero so I doubt the devs would enhance her speed.

Perseus has unique speed boots?

And a shiny shield that makes monsters die from the sheer realization of how ugly they are (and a minor 17% dmg reflect multiplied by MG)

Yeah Dumpster,

Perseus does indeed have Unique speed boot called Talaria (Hermes Winged Sandals Forged by Hephaestus). Most of my teammates do laugh at notion that if their Peruses will wear Talaria. It will make Him fly on the Battlefield.

I found cursed boots with Movement Speed for Artemis. It didn’t help at all. She needs resistance items.

Hi Tomaxo,

long time no see.Yeah I too found one blue Cursed boots for her two weeks ago sold them.By the way She is a bad-ass Heroine,If you know how to aim Her powers.well Then Also i found one Green cursed boot for Cadmus Turned out it comes with speed Speed Bonus.I upgraded them To Godlike and now He has 113 speed  ").


Yeah, I don’t really like giving up an item slot to get extra movement speed, even on promethius.  I use 2 masteries for movement speed and that small boost is effective enough. I have cursed leadership boots for Artemis, however, and I like those. It gives her a little extra meat shield.