Does Janus need a buff? What's your opinion?

Hi there,

We do see that Janus is a bit underused as a pal, and we are thinking about buffing him but do not have a set number yet in range. We wanted to get your feedback very early for this eventual buff, so please let us know below how you would feel about buffing him.

Go! ?

I think the petrification is a disadvantage. It shields the enemie units rather than harming them. Also for me it is not easy to see, when the portal opens. 

100 % what @orko said. That are the 2 main problems Janus has. 

I already pointed out the problems I see in the post below, been called a liar for doing so: 

To get a better feeling of what I mean with not seeing the portal, either watch FTBs video of Janus or take a look at the picture below. The portal is open in this picture, but as it is the same color as showing boosted units it is just not visible behind all units. It is the glint you can see. The indicator in the top left does not really give you a hint when it is open, second playing on a 14" screen the indicator is in no way in my viewfield when attacking.

  1. Janus is competing against Ceres and Aska.

Both Ceres and Aska just do their own thing every 10 seconds. The reality is that they’re worth 16 morale every 10 seconds (the king’s morale is not used), so about 240 morale in a full raid. This is a very big deal.

When playing with Janus, the king has to actually use up it’s own morale. Having the ability to pick eactly what and how many units you want near you is great, but it’s not worth 16 morale every 10 seconds (240 morale in a raid).

I would sugest something like improving morale regeneration with Janus. Or improving one of Janus’s other habilities to make him worth it.


  1. This is a minor one, but it’s hard to notice when the portal is active.
  • the portal itself is not visible enough on the ground. It should be as noticeable as Phoebe’s old white flash :wink:

  • both grey bars (on top of the pal and in the top left corner of the screen) are not easy to track when the special ability starts AND when the portal ended

  • I can’t event remember if there’s an audio effect when the portal opens. If there’s an audio, it should be more noticeable too

It is amazing how everything is being asked for opinion.  Thx madlen.  


I don’t think Janus needs a major buff, but he could use a few improvements. Like ARREBIMBA pointed out, the portal only contains 16 morale and while it’s good to be able to choose which troops you get, it’s worse than Ceres or Aska where you don’t have to spend any morale to get the troops. My suggestion to improve this: Move the amount of morale up to around 25-30. That way Janus is really worth the investment!

@AwesomestKnightestYou ever played with Janus? Janus (or the portal)has no morale himself that could be buffed. So your suggested solution is not possible. What could be done is that while the portal is open, morale could build up faster.

What do you mean with that? The portal opens a certain amount of time - based on the level of Janus. You can spawn as many units you can in this time, it depends only on the king`s morale.

Janus is perfect for someone who has a king with a lot of moral, I think one of his problems is the visibility of the portal and if it is possible to increase 1 second to the portal.
I do not have it yet but I plan to buy it.

It would be interesting to see a timer for the duration of the portal.

Yeah, I think I got it mixed up with Ceres, my bad

Looking at the picture posted by @WilberCcalli makes me wonder why his HeroAura and the whole Hero colors are PINK compared to my dark violett YOU JUST CAN’T SEE!!!

Could it please be fixed that also on Windows PC the Colors are in a way that you can see it??? The portal is a thing I have to react to, so I need to know when it is open!

I think it needs rework more than a buff

The petrification ability must be gone. It helps the enemy a lot more than it helps the king, giving them temporary immunity to our damage
And most of the time Janus is gonna petrify some enemy across the path and that is only useful to make the next enemy wolf arrive and howl there.

Can’t Janus pal have the translocation ability, like the beast form, instead of the current petrification? Even if it has a low %, most pals don’t even have a secondary ability anyways.

Fully agree with @Darkerion

  1. I don’t get this. The petrified units will die after a few seconds, after the temporary immunity ends. You and your troops don’t have to go through the trouble of dealing damage to them. The petrify will take care of it.

Or am I missing something?

  1. Good point. Having an enemy werewolf howl across the lane because of a petrified unit could be improved.

When an enemy troop is petrified obviously it gets separated from it’s allies and will eventually dead. But problem is

  1. you can’t do anything once it’s petrified…you can’t deal additional damage to it and kill it straight…having full army around it…you have to wait for it to automatically dead.

  2. Another thing is after petrification the petrified troop works as one kind of shield ( not actually but still) most of my army get stucked behind it and can’t get pass through that point which is a real problem when you are facing a tough player.

So it’s better to modify the petrification power slightly and make it like we can kill it after petrification or simply just remove it from game. It will be a relief for all Janus users :grinning:

Not all of them die and that is the problem.

I agree with the guys. Just adore Janus,but agree that he needs some buff.

Faster morale recharge during opened portal is excellent idea.

For me petrification is the biggest issue, especially the enemy wolves. My blizzard or any other spell doesn’t catch them as they are petrified. And since enemy units can get depetrified, it becomes a major issue when an enemy wolf wakes up and howls. It does more harm than good.

Solutions to fix this:

  1. Petrified enemy units are as good as dead i.e. cannot be depetrified.

  2. Allow units that are petrified to take damage from at least spells. This will make the ability to be similar to stun with an additional effect that if the unit is not depetrified they die.

  3. Replace petrification with a different ability.

Janus’s portal ability is very good when the king/queen is equipped with high leadership gear.

Petrified units will die only if they don’t receive enough damage to be released in time

I can barely make my own units stop receiving damage ?
I’m not gonna go kick bombs and give Shield to petrified enemies. I already have my own army to worry about and protect

Also, enemy waves are usually petrified in front of the king and the army, in range of the towers and obstacles that have not been destroyed yet and the next waves
So, most petrified units will just be released and come back

And that’s why I said: “It helps the enemy a lot more than it helps the king, giving them temporary immunity to our damage”

The werewolf howling on petrified enemies is still my biggest issue with Janus tho
I tried Janus a lot of times on its release but, after analysing the pros and cons, I gave up on the Pro fox