Does Phoebe suck?

Is the Phoebe pal any good? Is it a better healer than Tammy? I have heard there is only a finite amount of healing for your units to share, as opposed to healing all of them like Tammy does. Is this true?

Are the other pro pals any good? Should I bother investing in any of them? Which ones?

that is true


ceres is actually the best pal in game

Everyone has there own opinion on best pal and for me Irmgard is the best one.

Every pal is good for a different situation, depending on the enemy’s defense  :grinning:

Agree but still there is always a pal in which a player finds his/her best companion and for me its Irmgard.


By the way which is your best pal?

It also strongly depends on your Gear (War, Event, …) and the Spells you are using.

I mostly use Kaiser.

I like it’s high damage and gold bonus for farming.

Other times I may use Ceres, Fritz, Eldrak…

It really depends here.

Against top defenses, definately Ceres. He’s huge.

Janus might be good as well, if you have enough leadership.