Does point get deducted in the Conquest MODE??

In the Conquest MODE,if a team achieve one chest target by building watchtower,and that tower is destroyed by enemy,than the point gets deduct or not.MADLEN OR ANYBODY.PLEASE RESPOND

Points get deducted if a tower is destroyed, also the points you gained for claiming a special field will be lost if you lose control over that field.

Bad that team which destroy the tower will not get the points( i prefer to crush towers??

Would be even better if the winning team would control the tower after the battle. Points & quick movement! Also you can immediately start the upgrade to the next level.

Yes, points get deducted if your WatchTower is destroyed… But!

If you reach a reward requirement and then drop below that value…

You will still win the boost nonetheless :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that’s only true for the boost, but not the rewards, right?