does sonic blast needs one more level ?

hey  everyone  ,  what  do  you  all  think  of  adding  one  more  level  to  the  sonic  blast  spell  ?

Nope, game will become too easy. All towers will die in 1 shot, multiple max fb towers can be tagged and defeated, castle gate will take only 2 shots at mid level gameplay.

but  atleast  it  needs  to  destroy  a  max  skull  and  snake  tower  without  the  hero  hitting  it  

pretty much making max level tower useless along with the effort and time used to upgrade it

Big NO

imho I would say no…i know that we would a button to destroy everything…but if we will be able to destroy 2-3 fb towers max level with only 1 sonic blast or 2 sb for getting max castle gate…where would be the entertainment?  :slight_smile:

Everything is going great,it is noto necessari to add another level, probably you post this questione because of the elite boost that tale top much level on tower?

I jus got max sonic blast finally this morning.


let me be awesome for a while before it goes up

u need 9 lvl to max a skull, roughly 2 months to max ONE  SKULL, and u want new lvl 7 SB to kill it in one hit ? wow 

Yusuf, do you even have max sb already ? It’s a bad idea, what’s the point of having such a pawerful spell, game would become too easy = really boring.

Yes I agree sonic blast could do with 1 more level just to get the castle gate down quicker. Either that or give me a 4th troop slot. Im getting sick of the same routine of dragging my cannons up at the end to shoot down th castle gate. It doesn’t have enough variation of gameplay like this. At least if I could solo the gate, I could use that slot for something else.


Remember just because you add a level to a spell it doesn’t mean it’s overpowered you can easily add a small increased % on to the towers to compensate. Flare tweaks the stats all the time and they will continue to do so.

With a max level sonic blast+max bladestorm you need 32 sec to take down max castle gate , thats around 3 sb and 3 bs.You can solo the gate without problem except when you face a bunch of gargoyles coming out from the gate.Higher level king would need only two sonic blast and a few knock on the gate.


They buff the castle gate , making the buff useless again by adding one more level to sonic blast would be disappointing.You want your last defence line to be strong.These days I rarely had cannon or any other troops with me at the gate.They all busy clearing up towers I left behind.Its the best way to 100% a base , maybe 98% sometimes lower but as long as the gate is down I’m happy.

Then towers need upgrade too, or it will be too easy to attack or too hard to defence.