Does the cost of elite boost go up with each alliance level?

I am asking because the cost of a level one archer used to cost 378,750 and now it cost 390,000. We just upgraded our alliance to level 28.

Yes, as you unlock more levels in a particular boost, it cost more to extend that boost

I mean the cost of a level one archer changed when we increased our alliance level. So not going from level one to level two archer but the same level one archer cost seems to change when increasing alliance levels.

I am wondering if this has been noticed by anyone else?

Yes Elite Boosts costs go up with each alliance level

Thank you.

Yes its ridiculous that this happens. The cost should only go up when the level of boost goes up. I appreciate that as the alliance level goes up you get more Kings and therefore can generate more gold, but surely that just helps to afford to save up to go to the next level.


People have moaned about this before and nothing has changed. I think tbh its another manufactured way to make you want to upgrade towers and make donations which ultimately generates real money for Flare.

I would understand the price increase if the damage and HP went up a little.

Well the reason this happins is because of ‘potential’. A top alliance has the potential to hold 50 500k donaters…


To me this is actually one of the better ways the game levels the playing field…

Yeah true that

True, and while Im all for leveling the playing field, I think this increase might hurt the lower alliances more.

Like for my alliance, where new members typically donate 100-150k, the total cost increase for our 2-3 boosts we like active is more than that one member will contribute. Might be wrong tho, not sure how much exactly it goes up per boost