Does the video double gold reward always work?



How does the double gold reward work? I am not always getting the option to watch a video sometimes I get it few times in a row and sometimes I never get it so how does it work specifically?

It’s random. I got it about 1 raid out of 3.

I am a windows player so I am doing specially raids on my phone just for this option. I can’t always win the raid 100% on my phone I am not used to play there so if it’s random it will be risky to play on phone then don’t get that option :confused:


I hope flare makes it clear like at least make a cool down maybe once in an hour but at least make it clear

Yes, true it’s random. Also, it’s advisable to keep your videos for the chests rather than gold, which others might steal until you are protected. Only when it’s of utmost urgency for an upgrade otherwise you should avoid watching the videos for extra gold.

Just my point of  view, others can differ according to their priorities.